Winter Motorcycle Racing Needs Airwheel C6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Airwheel C6 open face helmet is designed for daily motorcycling or motorcycle racing. On one hand, it gives the best protection to head, for it is made from high-end material and first-class craftsmanship. On the other hand, it is equipped with many humanized design details. For example, it allows motorcyclists to answer phone calls, listen to music or even take photos at will.

On the annual world-famous CES in Las Vegas, many well-known electronic enterprises will take part in, including Airwheel, the leader in intelligent and portable equipment sector. Visitors will find Airwheel as well as its products in Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, Booth No. 45730. Airwheel C6 open face helmet will be there, too. It is more than a helmet to protect head, it is also a useful tool in motorcycling.

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According to the name, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet is a safeguard for motorcyclists. Indeed, it gives the best protection. On the basis of high-quality material and exquisite technology, it has much better impact resistance but lighter weight when compared with common helmets in the market. Therefore, it ensures high safety as well as comfortable wearing experience for motorcyclists. In the meantime, it has a layer of soft and thick lining, which makes winter motorcycling warm. However, the function of C6 is more than protection. It has many other great functions.

Winter Motorcycle Racing Needs Airwheel C6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet

In the very first place, Airwheel C6 scooter smart helmet is an excellent digital camera. The equipped high-definition lens are able to take vivid pictures and videos, which can be saved in a 128G internal storage. When people are motorcycling, they can click the shooting button to retain thrilling memory. Perhaps some people cannot imagine that they can answer a call during motorcycling, but C6 has made it possile. If a call is coming, people can press the answering button and answer it conveniently. Sometimes, dynamic music will make motorcycling exciting and enjoyable, especially for those motorcycle zealots.

Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet 

C6 is equipped witha high-quality Bluetooth sound box, which can be connected with mobile phones or other mainstream music players, and play songs in those devices in excellent music quailty. In winter, people can wear C6 and ride motorcycle to go to work, which will be a nice journey.

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