Comedian and faith-based film star to headline “The Clean Comedy Tour”

“The Clean Comedy Tour”
Michael Joiner hopes to use laughter to help unite a nation polarized after the election.

Kansas City, MO – January 10, 2017 – Serious Comedy Agency and Esther Picture, LLC has announced that they will be seeking venues to host “The Clean Comedy Tour” with Comedian Michael Joiner.

Nominated “Funniest Comedian” for Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and 1st place winner of The Hollywood Improv’s “Funniest Comic in LA”, Comedian Michael Joiner has been making audiences laugh for over two decades.

He has also starred in over a dozen Christian movies.

Joiner, who studied film acting in Los Angeles under the direction of some of Hollywood’s most notorious “A-list” acting coaches, has been in high demand ever since his break-out starring role in Sony Picture’s “The Grace Card” (

That film warranted Joiner the distinction of being the only actor in history to receive rave reviews in both the Hollywood Reporter and Variety for a faith based film.

Thanks in large part to Joiner’s performance, “The Grace Card” went on to make over twenty-five times what it cost to produce.

It also helped bring attention to Joiner’s talent as a stand-up Comedian.

“I decided I wanted to use the popularity my films brought to my Comedy to do more than just make audiences laugh” says Joiner. “I believe we have a responsibility when we’ve been given a platform to try to encourage and unite people.”

Joiner’s philosophy about Comedy uniting people is simple; “Get people laughing together and they’ll find it hard to not get along.”

He also says there’s nary a time when someone doesn’t come up to him after a show expressing how they came with a very heavy heart, commenting “one married couple had buried their daughter that morning…but as they talked to me they were smiling ear to ear and still laughing from some of the comedy material they just heard,” Joiner said.

Joiner’s sarcastic yet clean style has made his CD’s, “Gods Smart aleck!” and “Stuff my wife does”  some of the most played on SiriusXM, Spotify, and several other internet radio outlets.

Joiner will be recording his ‘CLEAN COMEDY TOUR shows to produce his next Comedy CD, CROSSING THE LINE.

Fans can also see Michael in his first starring role in a comedy when the feature film, “Heaven Bound” comes out on DVD February 2017.

Churches, Concert promoters, and others who would like to host “The Clean Comedy Tour” are encouraged to visit; for more info, or email

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