Qcrowdhome.com a social entrepreneurship business model launches Qlightining cart a sharing economy mobile app solution to promote local retail businesses

Qlightningcart is a retail market app that helps the businesses in establishing themselves, despite their size and budget. The app works under the aegis of Qcrowdhome. Qcrowdhome.com has also in the past developed social entrepreneurship websites like iwithwe.com to work for the benefits of local charity organisations and provide the needy with a good source of financial support in tough times. With a vision to develop an interactive interface with customization options, the company aims to boost theeconomy by promoting small and medium size businesses.

Qlighningcart works on the concepts of sharing economy and crowdsourcing to support various business models. The company has partnered with Selection media and advertising in Qatar to promote economic and financial inclusion, slowly hoping to expand in the middle east. They aim to provide necessary support to the businesses that work to empower the local communities and contribute to boosting the economy. Qcrowdhome.com concepts are based on the idea that socioeconomic status can be enhanced by sharing of human and physical resources which can be in terms of shared creation, production, trade, distribution and consumption of various goods and services by the different people and organizations.

Qlightning cart strives to develop an interface that’ll not only assist the local retail businesses but the businesses around the world too. They have realized the need and potential of a shared economy and understand that it leads to stronger communities, saving of cost by borrowing and recycling items and promote sustainable consumption and production patterns. Apart from that, these type of concepts also lead to increased quality of service using the rating system provided by the mobile app while also boosting flexibility in the work hours and wages of the independent contractors.

Using Qlightning cart is simple and effective. The vendor can download the app and send an email to the company to confirm that they have downloaded the app through an authorized focal point. After this, the authorization panel will approve the request and send an admin panel link where the client can manage and upload their product line inventory list. The client can also request for any categories or subcategories they need for their inventory items so that the Qlightining cart professionals can take required action accordingly.

After sufficient inventory is updated by the client, they’ll have a logistics meeting to align and manage the transportation facilities to the customers while coordinating with the given focal point. The ultimate aim of the company is to boost economic conditions in Qatar and Middle East and hopefully in the future, further in the rest of the world too.

More information about the company can be found on their official website. 

You could also watch this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARVkBelHzPk

For more information, visit Website: www.qcrowdhome.com or drop an email at: 1selectionmedia@gmail.com

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