Artist TimBdagod emerged as New Nelly in St. Louis Missouri

Young artist popularly known as TimBdagod has emerged as the new Nelly in the town of St. Louis in Missouri. Cornell Iral Haynes, professionally known as Nelly is a popular rapper from the town who has gained quite recognition in the music industry and now the young and dynamic artist TBM promises to be the next Nelly from the town. In fact his upcoming project titled “Best Thing since Nelly” is based on the same theme.

His current single “bar no lyrics”, that talks about his former lifestyle of drugs and addiction and how he overcame it, gained quite popularity in the town and known to be playing in several underground scenes. Over the past few years, St. Louis has been under the scanner for cases of drug overdoses and drug abuses. It has made quite some headlines including the drug cartel bust in the past year. Amidst such situation, TBM aims to leave a positive impact on the people through his inspiring music. He has suffered from addiction in the past and came out successfully from it which has also inspired the music that he makes.Using the medium of hip hop and R&B music, which is much popular in the town, he aims to become the next Nelly in town while impacting the listeners positively.

Timothy Earky Binion Jr, professionally known as TimBdagod was born on March 22, 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri.  He discovered his interest in music at an early age and was specially inspired by the artists such as Nelly, Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane. Over the time he discovered his own style and emerged as a rapper, also taking inspiration from rappers such as Master P. he went on to become the successful owner and artist of the independent record label called as TimBdsgod Music LLC.

He started his music venture at an early age of 11 by writing music and recorded his first label at the age of 18. He has spent quite some time in studying the business of music and its production aspects. In his musical career so far, he has launched many mix tapes and videos and has done several live performances. He has appeared in many radio shows too to interact with his growing fan base. He also interacts with his fans on social media and other physical outlets.

More information on his upcoming label can be seen on TBM’s official website.

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