Experienced and Aggressive DWI Assistance From Acocella Law Group

Harrison, NY – DWI is a serious offense in New York and many other States. It is not only considered reckless; the law in many States considers this an offense worthy of steep fines and/or a valid reason to confiscate driving license. Acocella Law Group is an experienced law firm in Westchester County that handles defense for DWI charges.

“Calling your lawyer immediately after a DWI gives you the time to put forth the best defense to challenge the charges against you,” says Frank Acocella. Having successfully worked on countless DWI cases it is advisable that one remain calm and avoid panicking – initial reaction/behavior or utterance are all bits of evidence. The brief phone call ensures you are better prepared to answer questions appropriately and stand a much better chance of reducing the charges or having them dropped. The legal system is very thorough when addressing DWI cases, and BAC (blood alcohol content) alone can be enough for a conviction depending on the state you are in.

Acocella Law Group has a team of skilled and aggressive lawyers trained to assist through the DWI litigation. It’s hard to have a DWI case settled out of court owing to the gravity the legal system gives this offense. However, depending on the facts, one can put together a robust valid defense that can lead to reduced charges that can save your license, and your job. There are various categories of DWI charges, including Standard, Aggravated, Underage DWI, Commercial DWI and repeat or felony DWI.

Acocella Law Group has over the years built a solid reputation and today covers an expansive area in Westchester, NY including but not limited to Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle, East Chester, Somers, New Castle and many other close suburbs. The law firm is committed to serving clients and have Spanish speaking lawyers to assist those who speak Spanish across this region. The company is aware that DWI is never an intentional offense and will walk one through the best approach to an acceptable conclusion. The firm takes great pride in the successful resolution of many DWI cases across NY and will help walk a charged individual through the process. Feel free to call, email or drop by their offices for the legal advice regarding a DWI.

Acocella Law Group is located at 2900 Westchester Ave, #405 in Harrison, New York (10577).

The company can be contacted via phone at 914-888-2430 or at their website http://duilegalny.com/westchester-dwi-lawyer/

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