TradeOcean International: Providing Customers with Top Quality Crab Delivery Services Since 1994

Singapore – Crab delivery Singapore service, TradeOcean International, was founded in 1994 by seafood supplier, Mr. Tony Tan. Ever since, the company has been providing crab delivery supplying services to customers looking for high quality crabs from a reliable supplier. Having expanded since the company’s founding, TradeOcean International now has a network of over 30 restaurants and distributors across the Singaporean region.

Restaurants and seafood distributors in every part of the world search for suppliers that are willing to work closely with them to provide quality crabs sold at competitive prices. The best suppliers and seafood deliverers also keep themselves informed on market situations to be able to relay this to customers. Finding a dependable supplier for crabs, however, is not always an easy endeavor.

Reliability within the network of seafood supplying is a necessity, and over the past decades, TradeOcean International managed to build a reputation of reliability, quality, and trustworthiness as a Singapore crab supplier company. Honoring dedication and honesty in all relationships with their customers, the company works closely with the fishermen, suppliers, and farms within their network to offer customers crabs of high quality at fair prices.

The seafood supplier company offers a varied available supply of crabs for customers, including: live mud crabs, frozen cooked/blanched crabs (cleaned), and cleaned and chilled crabs (uncooked) that can range from small crabs at 200g to extra large crabs over 1kg. Partnering with suppliers and restaurants throughout Indonesia as well as Singapore, the large network of TradeOcean International continues to grow at a rapid rate as their reliability as a quality seafood supplier is being increasingly recognized.

“We know every customer of ours is unique in what they want,” the spokesperson for the company says. “We work closely with all involved in the supply and distribution process to provide each customer with quality, customized service.”

Providing top quality crab delivery services since 1994, TradeOcean International works tirelessly to provide every customer with dependable service they can trust. Building a relationship with a good supplier is essential for every seafood restaurant and distributor, and TradeOcean International is proving itself to be a reliable company within the industry for its quality crabs and delivery. As a supplier specialised in mud crabs as well as others of various sizes, TradeOcean International is now considered by many to be the preferred crab delivery company in the Singaporean region.

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Company Name: Tradeocean International
Contact Person: Louis Tan
Phone: 91706917
Address:16 Bedok South Road #01-190
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore