Scribble Pen Celebrates Quick Success of all 3 Versions of Revolutionary Pen That Captures Color for Touchscreens, on Paper and for Kids

Scribble Pen, a company delivery an exciting catalog of products that can capture and then draw in colors its scanned using its own unique technology, is on the rise. The company recently announced its experiencing rapid growth in a wide range of different areas to the excitement of all involved

January 10, 2017 – There’s no doubt the world is a colorful place and one of the great challenges for artists and creative people of all kinds has been how to successfully capture those color in an accurate and compelling way.  Scribble Pen, a breakthrough company offering three different versions of a high tech pen that can scan a color, capture it and then draw – either on paper or on a digital tablet – in the same exact shade, are offering a solution to this problem in a very exciting way.  With all three versions of the product – the Scibble Pen for paper, the Scribble Stylus for tablets and the Scribble Motley designed for kids, all shipping in January 2017, the company recently celebrated their rapid growth and expansion – not only in direct orders, but also in new business relationships being established and tools for developers being released.

“We are beyond excited about how warmly Sribble Pen has been received,”  commented a spokesperson for the company.  “And how bright the future looks for our product in all its forms.  We’re answering a real need creative people have felt in a way that’s both totally fun and functional.”

According to the company, a new partnership has been established with the largest producer of tablets acting to democratize Scribble Pen’s technology in a way where users are sure to benefit.  In addition, the company is now also collaborating with two very well respected names in their respective industries Huawei USA and L’Oreal – delivering Scribble Pen and Scribble Stylus to tech and beauty savvy customers in interesting new ways.

Scribble Pen also announced the release of iOS, Android, Mac and Windows SDK for developers opening the door for even more creative uses of the technology.

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