Airwheel’s New Smart Assist Electric Bike R5 Is Perfect for Riders with Various Physical Conditions

The transportation infrastructure is crumbling. Thankfully, Airwheel is here to help. The intelligent electric equipment manufacturer has something for every taste — and every road surface. With its riding efficiency, multiple ride styles and 16-inch tires, R5 electric assist bike is a typical result of Airwheel’s attempts.

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That’s sort of hard to believe that our transportation is becoming worse and worse now. To get out of this woeful predicament, you will need a very helpful tool shuttling cross crowds. At this time, it should be small enough to pass through the vehicle stream and easily to be taken and carried. Airwheel have made many successful attempts on two wheels such as its S series electric walkcar, Z series electric standing scooter and E series e bike. But the latest attempt R5 electric assist bike is quite unusual.

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Mounted by powerful wheel hub motors, R5 electric moped bike is suitable for each kind of groups with different physical conditions. This is the most distinctive feature from other intelligent electric folding vehicles. People who are fond of doing exercise can choose the pure man-power driven mode to pedal R5 just like cycling a traditional bike; some guys may prefer to ride R5 citizen e-bike under the pure electricity mode since it costs less energy and then they can totally be immersed into the travelling itself; the last mode is more flexible for users since they can manipulate the driving forth and pedaling forth by adjusting the gear levels. The electric assisted mode can let riders experience the happiness of pedaling and won’t cost too much labor.

Similar to Airwheel’s previous folding electric vehicles, R5 electric assist bike has multiple folding systems-handrails, operating rod and main frame can be folded. The size of R5 city electric bike after folding is only 710mm×380mm×700mm so it is convenient to park it even it is placed in a corner at home.

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For improving the good traffic passing ability, Airwheel made special treatment on the tires of R5 electric aided-bicycle. The 16-inch tires with special tire tread and adequate pressure lay a solid foundation for the smooth riding in every road surface.

So anyone who have known its performance will like Airwheel R5.


In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 cool motorcycle helmets, F3 drones with camera, C8 racing helmets, to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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