Finding a Wrongful Death Mediator in Arkansas

Hamlin Dispute, with their 25 years of experience, offers a way to get through a painful process in the best possible manner, providing highly-trained mediators and safe environments in which to carry out negotiations.

Wrongful death disputes are long and painful, they require both parties to deal with strong emotions and the death of a loved one. The feelings involved are part of what makes going to trial a daunting project and in some cases, is better to avoid a court case in order to avoid the emotional backlash. This is what mediators are for, reaching a settlement outside of court is a low-stress alternative when dealing with wrongful death claims, as it will allow both parties to protect their interests and get what they are owed without going through what can be a years-long process in the courts.

Hamlin Dispute ( has experience dealing with even the most delicate matter. Whether it be the wrongful death of a loved one through negligence of a person or company, their mediators are specially trained to make sure that the matter is settled in the best possible way.

In wrongful death cases, it is very important that mediators are very well informed, not just of the facts about the case but also of the unique needs of the party they represent, the special issues they might be dealing with and how these relate to the dispute on hand. Finding a mediator for these complicated cases is very important because the parties need to be comfortable with their assigned mediator, they need to trust them in order for them to be able to protect both parties and help them find an uncomplicated solution to a very difficult matter. Hamlin Dispute continuously trains its mediators so that they are on top of their game with every new client, they are trained to handle and settle disputes regardless of the type of case or the parties involved, the way in which they handle disputes ensures that both parties have control of their case while the mediator guides them towards a solution that fits them both.

For mediation to be successful it is important that the mediators create a safe environment in which both parties can express their views on the matter and the desired outcome of the negotiations taking place. For this, confidentiality agreements are signed by everyone and the meetings are carried out in neutral setting. Hamlin Dispute has conferences in Arkansas that allow for the peaceful resolution of complicated matters in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

About Hamlin Dispute

Hamlin Dispute ( was founded with the desire to build a team of highly-trained, experienced mediators and arbitrators. Their journey started in 1992 with their first mediation case and they have continued to provide mediators with experience handling various types of cases. Their mediators have gone past the basic certified mediator course and they regularly attend advance mediator training courses and important resolution seminars.

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