Finding Excellent Divorce Mediators in Connecticut

Going through a divorce can be either a relief or a painful event and the emotions involved may make conflict resolution very hard. Sometimes it is necessary to go to trial; however, a divorce mediator may be just what is needed to reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Everyone wants to believe that their marriage will last forever. After all, that’s the whole point of getting married – committing yourself to a person for the rest of your life. Unfortunately for some of us, this does not always work out. Sometimes, it can be very early in a marriage, and sometimes, it can be very late. Depending on how long a couple has been together, it can become increasingly difficult to separate. Often, people don’t divorce simply to avoid the costly process.

The Sabra Law Group ( is a law firm that provides New York divorce mediation services with the goal of ensuring that you can move on to a new life without having to completely wipe out your life savings and go through a long, painful divorce process. It’s hard on all parties to go through a divorce, especially young children. For spouses, it’s difficult to look at the prospect of splitting up mutual assets and starting over.On top of that, if your relationship is particularly rocky, it may be scary to think of engaging in a litigated divorce process.

With all of the pressures of ending a marriage, finding a decent New York divorce mediation service may be the last thing that you want to have to deal with. Attorney Sabra Sasson has been there. In her own divorce, despite attempting mediation, she had to go through a litigation process that felt a lot like war. Because of her personal experience with divorce, however, Sabra began her own practice in April of 2005 to deal almost exclusively with family law matters, particularly divorce.

This experience means that when you go to Sabra Law Group for New York divorce mediation, you will be working with a lawyer that has been where you are. Using her wealth of knowledge in the field of family law as well as her general legal knowledge from working with estate planning, tax law, real estate, and landlord-tenant practices, Sabra Sasson can provide you with the outcome that is most beneficial to you and your children.

Even though you may be at an understandably challenging point in your life, Sabra Law Group can help you move on for less money and pain. In no time, you can be living the life you were meant to lead with your children and assets in order.

About Sabra Law Group:

Sabra Law Group ( is a law firm in New York specializing in premarital, real estate, and matrimonial law. Founded in April of 2005 by attorney Sabra Sasson, Sabra Law Group is dedicated to helping its divorce clients achieve a more peaceful resolution without having to drain their savings accounts. Because of Sabra Sasson’s experience with divorce, she is better able to empathize with her clients and give them the legal attention they need.

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