Gilis Place Launches New Website on Neuropathy Relief

Tallyton Way – Gilis Place, has announced the launch of its new website. The new website gives information on nerve pain relief and it’s the place to go to for neuropathy relief. Neuropathy is a blanket term for a wide range of conditions which affect the nervous system. The website provides information on different vitamins and herbs that have proven to reduce neuropathy symptoms. It further explains what a neuropathy is and how it’s managed.

“Neuropathy represents a rapidly growing medical problem in our society,” said Jessica Stanley, the spokesperson for Gilis Place. “While poorly understood by many people, its symptoms are often quite painful, and its effects can be disabling. An estimated 20 million people suffer from some degree of peripheral neuropathy in the United States, with the condition resulting from damage caused by that part of the nervous system which transmits information between the brain and the body’s outer extremities.”

People who suffer from neuropathy frequently experience recurring pain that is often described as either sharp or burning; those who suffer from neuropathy may also experience other symptoms. These include periodic bouts of tingling, itching, or numbness in the affected parts of the body, as well as physical weakness, skin sensitivity, and difficulty walking. Foot drop, a symptom which involves difficulty with raising the front of the foot, may, if left untreated, necessitate the use of a cane, or other forms of mobility assistance.

There are prescribed treatments to help manage nerve pain, but many of them only provide partial relief. As a result, combination therapy is often required. It involves the use of multiple treatments to compound their effects. For greater comfort, neuropathy sufferers should consider lifestyle changes that support a healthy nervous system. There’s a variety of all-natural methods as shown at, that those suffering from neuropathy can use to help control the condition. When used comprehensively, these techniques can result in the profound relief of chronic recurring nerve pain, regardless of its cause.

The body uses many different nutrients to help ensure a healthy nervous system, and one of the frequent causes of neuropathy is the loss of these nutrients due to the underlying conditions that contributes to the disease. Nutrients such as magnesium, and the B-Complex vitamins like Methyl-B12, are all vital to maintaining a healthy nervous system. One of the ways to help manage nerve pain naturally is to ensure dietary practices or supplementation to maintain the necessary daily allowance of such nutrients. Supplements such as Nerve Renew incorporate variations of the B-Complex vitamins, like Benfotiamine, which are readily absorbed by the body over the long-term release, ensuring that more of these vital substances get to where they are needed.

For more information about this topic, you can contact Gilis Place through the numbers listed below or visit their website and learn more about neuropathy.

Gilis Place is an American based company dedicated to helping those with nerve pain find powerful solutions.

The company can be contacted via phone at 800-929-9384 or at their website

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