Wedgewood’s CIVIC acquires data mining startup, Beehive, to bolster its big data technology stack

Civic Financial Services the direct lending division of Wedgewood, has acquired Beehive, which is a social media data mining startup.

Wedgewood, a data-driven diversified real estate company, plans to implement Beehive’s technology to collect credit data and track emerging trends in real estate and consumer sentiment. This will enable CIVIC to provide even faster responses to financing requests and top quality service for its rapidly growing client base.

Cameron McLain and Justin F Harris founded Beehive in 2014 with the goal of creating a product that synthesized and analyzed enormous amounts of social data to facilitate the real-time discovery of influencers and trends.

Cameron Mclain, Founder & CEO of Beehive, “We are confident that Beehive has found a good home
in CIVIC, and that Beehive’s core technology will help CIVIC take advantage of the latest advancements in big-data technology and grow their business rapidly.”

Jim Helfrich of Civic Financial Services, “We are delighted to have acquired Beehive and look forward to utilizing the cutting edge technology to help serve our clients even more rapidly and professionally.”


BeeHive is a social data mining company. By synthesizing and analyzing large amounts of social data, Beehive facilitates the real-time discovery of influencers, trends, and customer insights.

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