New author releases contentious, controversial novel, regarding Second Coming of Christ, likely to ignite and have Christians in global uproar

HOUSTON, TX – 11 Jan, 2017 – After a lifetime of supernatural visions and manifestations, an ordinary woman, in a disenchanted marriage, begins the journey to self-discovery when God brings a new love into her life and utilizes one of her divine oil paintings to announce His destiny for the couple. The doors of communication between the physical and spiritual dimensions are opened as God sheds illumination on some of the obscure events of the Book of Revelation, using the painting as His primary tool. The couple is challenged as they come to grips with their immoral affair, while simultaneously receiving the news of their true identities – the two witnesses commissioned to spread the news of Christ during the End Times.

As their epic voyage begins, Cassandra receives direct instruction from God as hidden imagery and manifestations in the painting are unveiled. Though given glimpses into His heavenly realm, she struggles with her new reality as Satan attempts to derail the two from their heroic mission. Unified by His command and sacred painting, the couple come to accept their mandate and receives the shocking announcement that Jesus Christ is to be born again on earth and they are to be His parents.   

The Second Mary is based on an astonishing oil painting that supernaturally transforms to reveal a hidden depiction of Jesus Christ, as well as other cryptic imagery related to specific events of the New Testament. The powerful, inspirational painting was aired by local news media and a video highlighting specific imagery has been broadcast on YouTube.

Whether you believe in the supernatural, Jesus Christ or His final return and triumph over Satan, The Second Mary will give you a fresh perspective on the Book of Revelation, ignite your senses and stir your emotions, one way or another.

About the Author:  

Cassandra Bohne is a freelance writer and poet and a member of the Author’s Guild. She lives in the greater Houston metropolitan area where she has been cultivating her artistic creativity through divinely inspired oil paintings for nearly twenty years.

To witness the miraculous transformation of the glorious painting that inspired The Second Mary, please see the Testimony of Jesus unveiled in Miraculous Painting at

About the Book:

The Second Mary (Tribulation Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-0-9983140-0-6) $14.99 is now available at or Barnes & Noble.

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