A Car Seat Cover Fit for an Active Lifestyle

MIAMI, FL – 11 Jan, 2017 –

In terms of maintaining and protecting vehicle interiors, car seat covers are one of the most important items for car owners to have. Neoprene seat covers in particular, are one of the most durable and advantageous car accessories on the market today.

The noted lifestyle brand MayBron Gear recently announced the launch of a unique and convenient neoprene seat cover tailored to instantly protect vehicles and accommodate passengers in a number of environments.

“Our neoprene seat cover is one of those items that just makes life easier,” explained Bran Vartik, Co-Founder of MayBron Gear. “We created this product to help make driving a more pleasant experience. We thoroughly tested the seat cover in a variety of situations and the results were fantastic. We believe this is the ideal seat cover for an active lifestyle and we are excited to share it with our customers.”

Besides being nearly indestructible, the MayBron Gear neoprene seat cover for active people offers a quite a few benefits. Perhaps most notably, it’s waterproof and prevents moisture build-up. Neoprene is the same material that wetsuits are made from and seat covers made of this material can keep sweat, spills or water from harming the car seats fabric.

Built with an active lifestyle in mind, this waterproof seat cover is ideal for use after the gym, beach, children’s soccer practice, dog park or after a long day on the job. It can be cleaned easily by simply wiping off dirt and grime or quickly washing it under a stream of water. It does not fade in the sun as easily as regular seat covers and it can also be used inside open-topped cars.

“Whenever you need it, just slip it on,” explained Vartik. “The installation is easy, putting the cover on or off takes only a few seconds. It comes inside a portable mesh bag that is designed to keep the seat cover dry and accessible. The universal fit ensures it will fit practically any car seat, both fabric and leather.”

MayBron Gear is quickly making an unprecedented name for themselves as one of the leading car accessory providers. Their seat cover for active people has received positive feedback from customers and is quickly rising within the bestseller charts online.

Their neoprene seat cover is currently available exclusively on Amazon, where customers will receive a lifetime warranty with their purchase.

To find out more information, visit the product page directly at www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1NYX96

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