Shenzhen Is Seeking for Industry Upgrade from High Tech Fields

Government of Shenzhen city in China gives strong support financially and strategically to new and high-tech industry, helping thousands of local enterprises to step into higher-margin R&D and manufacture level.

Shenzhen is an innovative city in China, the so-called international innovative center, where the new technologies and platforms emerge from time to time. As a green power li-ion battery driven e-scooter bike, – Onebot T8, safe and comfortable as well as environmental friendly, coincides with the concept of innovation and environmental protection of Shenzhen city. 

Now on the basis of the high-technology, Shenzhen government focuses on the planning of seven strategic emerging industries, covering biology, Internet, new materials, new energy, cultural innovation, information technology of new generation and energy-saving and environmental-protection. There are more than one thousand strategic emerging industry bases and the industrial projects the government support in Shenzhen.

Average annual growth of the strategic new industry in Shenzhen is about 20% in 2015, and the industrial scale is RMB 2.3 trillion and the proportion of the strategic new industry accounted for 40% of the city’s GDP. As a result, strategic new industry becomes the “main engine” of economic growth. In fact, the data for 2016 is even bigger.

Shenzhen has introduced life and health, marine economy, aerospace, robots, wearable equipment, intelligent equipment and other future industrial planning and policy, the scale of the future industry in 2015 more than RMB¥400 billion, is becoming a new economic growth point.

Onebot T8 foldable electric scooter of Concepts Wit is also under the field of Shenzhen government-support-industry. As a new energy transportation vehicle, T8 has the characteristics of double rear brake, double shock absorption, dual battery, it is secure, comfortable, durable, can be folded to bring into bus/metros/elevator/car trunk/yacht/. Such folding electric vehicles will be very convenient within 5 kilometers for Shenzhen citizens, and will surely become a helpful tool to other commuters worldwide.

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