Metamorphosis and Soaring of Puercoin BlockChain: The Launch of Global Node (United States) in Puercoin Blockchain Strategy & Puerbank Group Road Show

Tonight, the spotlight of world gathers here:

Metamorphosis: Digital Currency meets Standard System Theory.

Cocoon-break: a vigorous dance is performed on the stage of Blockchain.

Soaring, the echo ripples across the ocean…

From left: Ye Qiang, president of Puerbank Group, Chen Deyuan, Blockchain International Operations CEO, Norman, Hirsch, John Gruz, Courtney Brown, John Yona

On January 9, 2016, the launch ceremony of Global Node (United States) in Puercoin Blockchain Strategy& Puerbank was successfully held at conference hall of Crown Plaza Hotel in California’s Silicon Valley while Puerbank Group conducted a roadshow centered on the business model of standard system and digital financial system in front of over 30 key guests at the same time. This event took place simultaneously with the launch ceremony of Global Node (United States) in Puercoin Blockchain Strategy through the headquarter at Shenzhen, China.

Ye Qiang, president of Puerbank Group and Chen Deyuan, Operations Chief of Blockchain International, attended the conference on behalf of the organizer and had in-depth exchange with the guests present here. Mr. Chen chaired the meeting and Mr. Ye delivered keynote speech.

Mr. Ye gave clear explanation of Puerbank Group’s standard system and digital financial system from 7 respects. Firstly, Standard System and Digital Currency White Paper 2.0 is released officially which is the business plan of Puerbank Group, the blueprint for promotion and the reqiurement for system development. White Paper 2.0 highlights the fact that only by stepping out of own country can the digital currency play the role of the general equivalent of money and the medium, which coincides with the meaning of the global release of digital finance; secondly, broadening the source of asset is a fundamental strategy.

The asset should be expanded to the place where the standard system lies. Puerbank Group will facilitate the digital currency based on standard system in U.S. and in U.K., and is discussing the object of asset; thirdly, many countries have been talking about the problem, the coexistence of legal digital currency and private digital currency. German’s government made the first move, and central bank-issued digital currency is moving forward in China. Such harmony and inclusivity are welcomed; fourthly, the feasible route to digitalize the physical assets is the application of token money. We are negotiating the pattern and route of property tokens with quality real estate agents and institutions owing the asset in U.S. and in U.K., of which breakthrough has made in U.S.; fifthly, in addition to standard system, asset exchange is another innovation in the Puerbank Group’s applied theory of Blockchain.

Mr. Ye points out, for example, that how could we exchange 100 pieces of China’s puer tea cake for 50 bottles of American Californian red wine in an effectively manner? In 1991, business talent Mu Qizhong acquired 4 Russian large commercial passenger aircrafts at the expense of 5 cans made of used iron. Nowadays, how could we realize a more efficient exchange. Asset swap leads us back to the bartering age but the use of Blockchain technique make the exchange easier. Without the help of traditional money media, the flow of digital asset can be achieved by swapping; Sixthly, Blockchain browser fulfills the dream that everyone has an own foundling block, offers the service including asset distribution, asset transfer and asset inquiry to companies and developers, and helps the general to purchase and executive assets; seventhly, talent strategy for Blockchain. Cultivating talents is crucial for an ambitious company to develop the core business.

To this end, Puerbank Group designed a set of certification training system with a view to ensuing the employment with certificates. The system is called PBAM Certification Training System which will open to public in March, 2017.

Far left: Wilson Chu, real estate. Second from left: Chen Deyuan, Blockchain International Operations, CEO

After the brief roadshow, the guests had a warm response and actively asked questions. John Gruz who is a lawyer, one of the drafters of digital currency law, former California governor Schwarzenegger’s legal advisor, and is about to be invited to the inaugural ceremony of American president on January 20, asked how do the three operations prioritized by the Puerbank Group combine? Mr. Ye answered that the running of digital currency based on standard system lies at the core of Puerbank Group’s business pattern, token money is both an application and certificate founded on standard system, and asset swapping model fulfills the asset mobility, the three factors above constituting the core business pattern of Puerbank Group and playing important role in fields of currency and finance and industrial trading.

Norman Hirsh, master of Internet security and transaction platform operator for Blockchain, is the second person who raised a question. Despite approaching 70 years old, he registeres for two Wechat accounts and shares a hobby with his mother, liking to eat the China’s chicken feet. Norman was concerned with the source-expanding strategy for Puercoin Blockchain. Mr. Ye replied that expanding source is of significance, the fundamental value of Blockchain is to realize the mutual trust between strangers, more token money issued on the Puercoin Blockchain, more nodes on the Puercoin Blockchain, so there’s more need in expanding source; however, digital currency based on standard system is a center-dispersed mechanism. On the one hand, standard system itself is the source of information; on the other hand, the core of the system demands expanding source prudently. Hence, a new system framework has been working up in Puercoin Blockchain within the framework of current Blockchain thought and technique. We work to design an asset-anchoring model under the system framework and make up a hierarchical pattern to expand source. This new deigning is about to be completed within 3 months while the reshuffling of basis has no influence on the running and promotion of token money application.

Jackie Taylor, executive from an investment bank, showed great interest to the building model of standard system, calculated the birth of Puerbank at site and put forward many questions that sparked the active response from Dr. Jason Lu whom Jackie Taylor had heated discussion with. Courtney Brown, who is a famous retired NBA star from Dallas Mavericks squad, enjoys a great number of fans and has a big business, gave the forth question. He attached attention on the Puerbank’s investment value and asked what the policies of China and America towards the trading of virtual currency are? Mr. Ye answered: both countries take wait-and-see attitude towards pure digital currency without clear stance but their attitudes become subtle when it comes to the digital currency based on the standard system.

In China, Puerbank Group works actively to exchange ideas on the mechanism of coexistence between legal digital currency and private digital currency and related governing pattern with Guiyang city government and national authority, exchange itself being very positive and effective. Meanwhile, Puerbank Group has been building a new compliant trading platform for digital currency (PBAM) in China, which also has permit and supports from group, government and bank. The breakthroughs on these two aspects entail the theory of digital currency based on standard system and represents China’s Governing philosophy featuring innovation (when Guiyang government officially released the Development and Application of Blockchain in Guiyang white paper on December 31 2016, Guiyang already has a sophisticated industrial ecology in fields of bid data and Blockchain). It remains to be seen how the American government react with detailed guidance and plan from local experts.

Ye Qiang, president of Puerbank Group, interacts with guests

As the warm and professional Q&A session ended, there came the time for signing a contract. Ye Qiang, president of Puerbank Group and Norman Hirsch signed cooperation agreement of super nodes in Puercoin Blockchain and trading platform. The move marks the dynamic development of Puerbank Group’s financial model of Blockchain in America.

Ye Qiang, president of Puerbank Group and Norman Hirsch signed cooperation agreement of super nodes in Puer Blockchain and trading platform

The discussion didn’t come to a halt at dining time. Wilson Chu, a noted real estate in San Francisco, totally agreed with Puerbank Group’s overall business pattern and was willing to provide property asset worth more than $30 million to explore the token money running model. We are convinced that this case carries great importance.

The activity was full of harmonious atmosphere like a family and ends up in a reluctant mood. As the host and the guests leave, many cooperation begin to be implemented rapidly.

Puerbank Group has taken the critical first step towards internationalization.

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