Mystical Empress Offering Phone Psychic Readings

Accurate and Affordable Readings Help to Look Into a Person’s Life

January 11, 2016 – Mystical Empress has announced it is offering phone psychic readings to the public. These are to help people learn more about themselves and to find resolutions to many of the concerns they are bearing with today.

Mystical Empress is a group founded by Brenda Renee, a psychic experienced in the fields of astrology, clairvoyance and tarot reading. Renee and her team of psychics are trained to help people with many types of readings.

The goals of the psychic phone readings offered by Mystical Empress entail understanding the situations one is in and finding blockages and obstacles that might be in one’s way. This includes understanding the possible outcomes that may come about and what people can do to resolve the problems they have.

The phone psychic reading service utilizes many forms of study. These include such forms as astrology, numerology and clairvoyance. Empathy and tarot card reading sessions are also popular. Each of these are designed to reveal information that people might not think about when it comes to understanding themselves.

The readings are also designed to be accurate and detailed. This places a focus on personal values and points and helps with identifying one’s relationship with the stars, numbers and other key points. It is about finding solutions and spiritual guidance that just might be the key to having a stronger life.

A psychic phone reading can be booked online and then properly reserved. The rates for such readings are designed to be affordable.

Customers can reserve a 10-minute session for $30. Longer sessions are also available including a 20-minute session for $40. People can also reserve 30 minutes for $50 or a full hour for $85.

Each session can be done by phone or by email, text or Skype. Various tarot cards and other key values will be pulled during a session to help with revealing as much information as possible on one’s life, obstacles in life and what can be done to keep them from being a threat. Mystical Empress is marketing what it is offering as a smart solution for those aiming to get the most out of their lives.

About the Company:

Mystical Empress is a group dedicated to tarot card, astrology and numerology readings. Founded by experienced psychic Brenda Renee, the firm works to help people through spiritual guidance and support.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mystical Empress
Contact Person: Brenda Renee
Phone: 720.900.9727
Address:2110 Newkirk Ave Apt 3G
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Country: United States