Fotric 123, the cloud based smart thermal camera surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

Fotric 123 is the newly launched cloud based smart thermal camera for early fire alert that has surpassed its fundraising goal of $10,000 on The innovative device helps in early fire detection using the innovative visual technology and sending alerts to phone. The device is first of its kind and uses smart infrared thermal camera to detect fire and sends the notification to the user on their smart phone.

Fotric 123 helps in detecting the fire even before it starts by monitoring the temperature of the area. It triggers a fire alarm when the temperature becomes too high.  The device also enables the user to view the thermal video in real time on their smart phone so that they can take necessary action as soon as possible. Whenever the device detects any unusual temperature condition the information is uploaded onto the cloud server which then sends the fire alert to the user’s Smartphone.

The fire alert device does not depend on visible light to detect temperature of the object’s surface which means it won’t give any false alerts in case of ambient lighting and other surrounding conditions such as fog and smoke. In case of a fire alert, the device points to the source of the fire and enables the user to view the situation in real time for taking required action. As the device works through infrared technology, it only detects object’s temperature and puts not threat to user’s privacy.

Fotric 123 features a night version recreational camera to work seamlessly under low light conditions, and motion detection to work as a security camera. Moreover, it can be installed easily in few simple steps.  The user can check and monitor all the alerts using the Fotric Cloud app from anywhere while the devicecan be shared by multiple users.

The device is available at a super early bird price of $197 for the backers who support the Kickstarter campaign.

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