Federal Guidelines Will Impact the Rules of the Driverless Road says Seegrid CEO

Seegrid CEO Shares How Federal Guidelines Will Impact the Rules of the Driverless Road

Seegrid’s CEO, Jim Rock, discussed how the new federal guidelines for driverless autonomous vehicles will impact innovation. The US Department of Transportation and the Obama administration unveiled the first-ever Federal guidelines safety checklist for semi and fully autonomous cars. Reactions are flooding in from both Detroit and Silicon Valley as auto manufacturers and tech giants decide what these benchmarks mean for the future of driverless transportation. Although some experts fear that rules and regulations might limit innovation, most see this step by the Federal government as a clear sign of validation for the imminent future of automated automotive transportation.

Automated, driverless vehicles are the future. But not futuristic. While the general public sees this as cutting-edge technology, the manufacturing and supply chain industry has been working with automated robots and driverless vehicles for many years. Even facing heavy regulation, the mobile robotics and automated machinery industry has advanced exponentially to the point where it is today.

Rock added, “We predict that the same scenario will play out when it comes to regulations for driverless automobiles. The regulations passed down by the Department of Transportation are a clarion call for the driverless industry. Regulations from the top down aim to ensure safety and not prohibit innovation. Those hoping to lead us into the future have a right to be skeptical of restrictions. But the burden of proof is on developers. Just as regulations adjusted over time within the manufacturing industry so, too, will they develop, evolve and hopefully improve the relationship between automated robot and the humans that create them.”

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