The Wild Adventure Girls: Stung by a Bullet Ant (Kid’s Reaction)

Texas, US – 11 Jan, 2017 – The Wild Adventure Girls, an educational and fun YouTube channel for kids, has recently released a video titled “Stung by a Bullet Ant” in celebration of the release of one of their favorite Channels on YouTube, “Brave Wilderness” with Coyote Peterson.  The Wild Adventure Girls added their own exciting and hilarious twist to what could be considered one of the most painful insect stings in the world.  Coyote Peterson, an animal expert with the YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness, takes the insect pain adventure to the extreme with a bullet ant.

The bullet ant is believed to have one of the most painful insect stings in the world, and they say one sting from a bullet ant can feel like you were shot with a bullet leaving an excruciating pain that can last for 24 hours. The Wild Adventure Girls, propelled by three girls, Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett who has the desire to explore new things and inspire others to discover the world around them with their fun and educational videos. Kids everywhere will fall in love with nature and science and will want to try things on their own after watching one episode of The Wild Adventure Girls.

The Wild Adventure Girls is your place to get the real fun adventures, scintillating science experiment and jaw breaking animal encounters, with each of the girls coming together from different personal perspective to complement each other in every adventure embarked on. These girls take learning to the next level. They show that education can be fun and silly while at the same time inspiring their fans to learn.  Coyote Peterson, has been in the news for many of its adventures, right from being stung by 60 harvester ants, next by velvet ( an ant capable of killing a cow), followed by tarantula hawk ( a large wasp having the second most painful insect in the world), until his recent encounter with the bullet ant in the Costa Rican jungle.

To learn more about The Wild Adventure Girls, they can be reached via their YouTube channel for more exciting discoveries.

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