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New eBook promotes the world’s first quantum water

January 11, 2017 – A new book – The Force Is In You – is helping people to learn about the importance of the Magnetic field around their DNA, and its connection to the Earth’s invisible magnetic field created by the North and South Pole. The book introduces us to resent science discovery, and its message is profound. The magnetic field transmits data to the human being every second and humans are connected to the field from their first to last breath. The field is so vital to human life support, that when Nasa astronauts went into deep space, deeper than ever before and beyond the field of the planet their bones lost density and body started failing, they had to return to the Earths magnetic field, or face death.

The field of the planet affects everything and transmits data to all on the planet including trees and animals every day in fact animals use it for guidance, each day the question is how many humans think of the magnetic field in a day and are aware it’s relationship with them?

The Force Is In You promotes how magnetized water can provide the body with more energy to enhance the human beings magnetic field and keep the threat of heart disease and other common problems away. This is a new digital eBook is being promoted as having the answer to improve life and health and reveals new science discovery, that rarely filters down to main stream media.  Ethan Carter, the author of this book, writes that doctors see the human heart as an electromagnetic organ. Therefore, if we are to re-think heart disease – the greatest cause of death is only when the humans magnetic field fails. Carter and scientist agree the human needs to maintain a strong electromagnetic field to stay healthy.

He also adds information on how a magnetic field can be found around cells in the human body. This invisible energy is how the planet is run and although invisible like the wifi signal to a computer, it plays the same role as wifi does to a computer giving the most beautiful full organic living super computer (the human body) data every second. The concept of magnetizing water commercial sale was started by Los Angeles company Best Roast coffee, LLC (BRC) who applied a quantum energy of magnets combine with light  to change their water at an atomic level for the purpose of producing a better organic coffee. The water produced such a good coffee that the now have coffee locations coast to coast across across USA and Magnetized Earth Water, LLC was formed who sell the retail to large scale grocery chains.

BRC’s  rapid expansion to over 70 location in one year inspired Ethan Carter to write about the energy that surrounded the business, the same  force around us all –  magnetic energy.  The Force Is in You,  was first published in December 2016, and it too has expanded as if the field is helping it. The book is for sale online in more than eighty countries. The book is available on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBooks.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/UlHK_JHtsuo

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