Join 6-year-old Isabella in Her Journey Around the World

Inspiring World Change Through Unique Cultural Experiences

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – January 11, 2017 – Inspired by a beautiful 6-year-old named Isabella, a unique, new company launched on January 10, 2017. Created by a mother/daughter team with a love for learning and a passion for traveling, CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS was formed to inspire others to travel with them, and become more aware of the world around them.

The exciting and heartfelt mission of this company is to raise the level of compassion of each person through experiencing different cultures, engaging in local communities, and participating in humanitarian efforts indigenous to the area.

At a young age, Isabella showed a compassion and awareness of her connection to the world she lives in. She began running races at age two, participating in1K races, then 5Ks, and recently completed her first 10K. She has raised more money for charity and various causes at age six than most adults in their lifetime. Affectionately self-named “Planet Earth Cleaner” with her beach clean-up efforts, Isabella inspires us to get involved and help make our world a better place.

Co-founded with her mother, Lena Michals, CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS is an experiential travel company offering life-changing, affordable, worldwide adventure trips and special humanitarian opportunities for all ages.The global team involved with CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS believes that any change begins with personal awareness and human connection. They are dedicated to inspiring people from all walks of life who want to connect with humankind of all ages and in any culture. 

CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS will take people on adventure trips combining cultural immersion, spectacular sightseeing, and insightful encounters with fascinating people. Whether locally or internationally, travelers will have amazing experiences of travel, food, music, art, celebrations and hands-on service within the communities.

2017 trips are already planned to Mystical Peru with a side humanitarian trip into the wilds of the Amazon, Magical France, Bliss in Spain, Incredible Indonesia with a side humanitarian trip into Borneo, Magnificent Australia, and Spellbinding Cuba.

CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS invites people of all ages to explore within their small groups. Travel on one of theseunique adventure trips and know one thing for sure; you will not return home the same as you left. Travel changes you. New experiences open your eyes. Looking outside your own life invites understanding. Receive that invitation to know more, understand more, and participate in this world in new ways.

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About the company:

CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS is an experiential travel company offering life-changing, affordable, worldwide adventure trips and special events for all ages.

Co-founded by 6-year-old Isabella and her mother, Lena Michals.

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