Texas Based Mobile Site & App Developer Winning More Customers for Local Restaurants

Turning Smartphone Users into Customers

Dallas, TX, USA – Mobile Client Profits has announced that it will be making custom mobile websites and mobile apps for local businesses in Texas, particularly in the Dallas area. The company specializes in making mobile websites and apps that makes it easy for customers to navigate on the go with one touch solutions to quickly find important information like GPS directions to stores or access to “Reviews”.

The aim of the company is to translate its vision into reality by turning smartphone users into loyal customers. “The local restaurant owners in Dallas can leverage our mobile marketing strategies to gain more customers since the business of restaurants and mobile users are  booming in the state and the trends to check Menu Items and Reviews, etc. on mobile devices before dining are on the rise worldwide.”

“We build premium mobile websites and awesome mobile apps that make it easy for local smartphone shoppers to do business with you and enjoy it,” said Caral Richard. Mr. Richard is the President and CEO of Mobile Client Profits and also a Google Partners Specialist.

“We dig, we discover, we deliver.” He added while discussing the services of Mobile Client Profits in a recent  interview. This strategy impressed a Dallas staple, The Ojeda’s Restaurants which are well known for their fine Mexican Cuisine and celebrity guests, and now are the newest client of Mobile Client Profits. The company has designed a winning mobile app and mobile website for their restaurants, and the Ojeda family owners are very excited about the increase in business.

In addition to the development and designing of mobile websites and mobile apps for local restaurants and small/medium enterprises, the company also provides a number of services including social media management, business listings, search engine optimization, Google Analytics and monthly reporting. The smartphone user market is exploding and customers are expect to see a mobile version of user’s brand.

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Company Name: Mobile Client Profits
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Country: United States
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