Top Technological Highlights of Airwheel new helmets in CES 2017

CES is the world-renowned exhibition for electronic products and numerous electronic manufacturers have attended this show. CES of 2017 happens on January 5th to 8th. Airwheel, as the most reputed intelligent electric scooter manufacturer, took part in this show. It is time for the editor to collect top technological highlights of Airwheel new helmets in CES 2017.

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The world-renowned CES 2017 has lowered the curtain in Las Vegas and numerous electronic manufacturers took part in this show. Airwheel, the outstanding intelligent electric scooter manufacturer, absolutely is a star on the spot by exhibiting high technology and encourage low-carbon and green travel. What technological advantages do Airwheel electric scooters have? After all, CES is full of various high-tech and cutting-edge electronic technologies.
Airwheel C8
Then, the following is going to share the top technological highlights of Airwheel. Low-carbon and green travel is always encouraged by Airwheel. As economic level is increasing with each passing day, automobiles are widely applied to people’s life, which causes a huge quantity of exhausts and thus bad environmental quality. Therefore, choosing low-carbon and green travel mode plays a key role in improving living environment and Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is the best choice. All Airwheel intelligent power scooters are powered by emission-free electricity, so they are environmental-friendly.
Airwheel C6
Plus, energy-saving is another technological breakthrough of Airwheel R&D team. It is well-known that world energy is tensing and gasoline price is continuously climbing. Energy-efficient products are eagerly needed. Compared with common transports, like private car, bicycle, motorcycle or electric motor, Airwheel mini electric scooter is the most energy-saving one. Besides, Airwheel also can be a tool for people to have a weekend trip, which offers them a light travelling and relaxes them. There are also many people who use Airwheel scooters as exercise equipment. Comparatively speaking, Airwheel is the excellent equipment for exercise. Also, Airwheel enters to the smart wearable device with the born of smart helmet and Airwheel has released its newest products C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 racing helmet.
Airwheel E6

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Moreover, the debut of Airwheel F3 drone with camera has left a deep impression on the visitors. To conclude, the CES 2017 has made a great number of visitors learn the achievement made by Airwheel.


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