The film “Ode to the Lotus” will start up – the shining Neo-Confucianism of Zhou Dunyi

The well-known verses “How stainless it rises from its slimy bed! How modestly it reposes on the clear pool–an emblem of purity and truth!” comes from “Ode to the Lotus” which wrote by the famous Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism Zhou Duyi. Zhou Duyi (1017-1073), also named Lian Xi, came from Dao County in Hunan province. His Neo-Confucianism has influenced a large number of Chinese at home and abroad since Song Dynasty.

During his recent speech at the Symposium on Philosophy and Social Sciences, General Secretary Xi mentioned the famous scholar Zhou Dunyi and his political deeds in the Song Dynasty. From Zhou’s “Ode to the Lotus” to Zhou’s parental instructions and then to Premier Zhou Enlai’s noble character, all these came down on one continuous line. In the verse of “Ode to the Lotus”, Zhou compared the water-lily to “incorruption”. “How stainless it rises from its slimy bed! How modestly it reposes on the clear pool–an emblem of purity and truth!” General Secretary Xi concluded the verses as officials’ morality, which carried forward the incorruptible culture from an independent form, and influenced generation after generation of government officials.

May 30, 2017 is the one thousand anniversary of the birth of Zhou Dunyi. “Ode to the Lotus”, produced by Light and Shadow Magic Science Co,Ltd., will start up in Dao County in Hunan province on January 17,2017 which is the hometown of Zhou Dunyi.

The film “Ode to the Lotus” is centered on the imparting education of traditional Chinese culture. It represents the impact of Zhou’s parental instructions on the young Zhou Dunyi under the traditional education system in China. Such education laid a foundation for the Neo-Confucianism thought of his life and his noble and incorruptible personality, which became the example of government officials in ancient society.

The producer Mr. Shao Yong said: “The film is a carrier and also a way of expression. It is an embodiment of spirit and belief. As a filmmaker, it is our duty to expand the positive energy. The film ‘Ode to the Lotus’ is a good subject that has far-reaching significance on social education, which is our original intention of this project. Under the premise of strictly complying with the historical facts, the organizers reproduce the Song Dynasty in which Zhou lived through CG special effects, which lead the audience into the life journey of Zhou Dunyi to feel the charm of the sages.”

The publisher Mr. He Shenhua introduced: “Zhou was born in Dao County. His life was just and upright which is my role model. As a person from Dao County, I feel very proud to make such a film and make some contributions to our county’s cultural industry! It’s really my pleasure to invest in this film!”

The film showing at home and abroad will further promote the dissemination and development of Neo-Confucianism represented by Zhou Dunyi in the cultural field. It will also provide reference and help in promoting China’s primary and middle school students’ cultural education and China’s clean government construction.

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