Afford-A-Bail Provides Reasonably Priced Bail Bonds For New Haven

New Haven, CT – Overcrowding is a serious problem across the nation, affecting numerous prison systems. The legal system is crippled by the costs of housing large numbers of petty offenders, often with adverse outcomes. Afford-A-Bail is one of the licensed bondsmen in New Haven with fast options to get local residents out of a bind in no time. New Haven, like many areas across the US is aware of this and is working in partnership with many professional bail bondsmen to keep minor offenders out of jail. Afford-A-Bail provides a valuable service to local residents, by allowing them to spend little to no time behind bars and helping them to get back to their normal lives faster, after being charged for a minor offense like an accident or DWI.

“Thanks to constantly evolving legislation, New Haven residents have less to fear from law enforcement officers, “says Vincent of Afford-A-Bail. Many petty offenders, especially teens, often end up spending the night in jail and months in prison because of fear. Everybody fears forced confinement and many petty offenders end up getting booked for multiple offences in a bid to escape law enforcement. The list of additional charges on such rap sheets is unnecessary and often includes incidental damage encountered during the pursuit of suspects – including malicious damage of public property in some cases.

Afford-A-Bail works in close partnership with New Haven authorities to help those sent to jail for minor offenses to return to their families without a lengthy stay behind bars. They have a very speedy 5 minute approval procedure – once done, one should only settle 35% of the amount and clear the balance over 15 months in easy installments. “You can work with us confidently given we comply with all State regulations concerning bonds – no underhand dealings,” said Vincent. “We take great pride in running a clean shop and are happy to work with clients in order to get them back to their jobs, families, and homes.”

Afford-A-Bail has been in business for a long time and understands the complex lives many families have to contend with. They have a strong bond with rehab centers and counselors and remain committed and engaged in the vision of working for social reform throughout New Haven.

Those in need of an affordable bail bonds service can find all the information they need through the company’s website, or through their Google+ Page.

Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds New Haven is located at 368 Whalley Ave in New Haven, CT (06511).

The company can be contacted via phone at (203) 333-2663 or at their website

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Company Name: Afford-A-Bail Bail Bonds New Haven
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Phone: (203) 333-2663
Address:368 Whalley Ave
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