Mega Launch of Everything Jazz: A Melodious Future of Jazz

All Jazz in One Place: Simply the Best Jazz App on the Market: A Musical Treat for Jazz Lovers

Germantown, MD, USARenowned Maryland IT Specialist Bernie Smith has announced the release of a new Jazz app called ‘Everything Jazz”. The app is living up to its motto by literally bringing ‘Everything Jazz in One Place!’  Bernie has published this Jazz app with the aim of making it the best Jazz app on the market. The Maryland based American IT expert is a great lover of Jazz himself and has previously promoted several local Jazz groups in the Baltimore area.

“Starting on the week of January 15th, I will be having a contest to giveaway 100 free apps. 25 free apps a week for 4 weeks.” Said Bernie Smith, the creator of Everything Jazz while discussing about the launch and promotional campaigns that he is bringing with the app. “I also have promo codes available to you, so you can see how the app works and take a look at your listing on the app.” He added. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

There is a one-time price of only $4.99 which will help Bernie to cover the operating cost of this app. The most significant of these features is called Jazz Artists. This will give the jazz fans listings for Jazz Artists and will also provide a brief bio and link to the Artist’s website or tour schedule. In addition, another feature called ‘Jazz Clubs’ will categorize all the Jazz Clubs by state in an organized alphabetical order. Moreover, the contact information of these clubs will also be provided along with their URL’s.

Everything Jazz will also provide Jazz fans with complete information about the ongoing and upcoming Jazz Festivals. Furthermore, Jazz Festivals Calendar will provide a list of all the upcoming Jazz events and the jazz cruise will provide the jazz fans with information about the Jazz Cruising in the future. Another amazing feature is the 24/8 online Jazz Radio Station to keep the fans entertained at all times.

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