New App Launched That Allows Followers to Ask Questions, Favors and Receives Answers at a Price

The newly launched app Goree seeks to empower its user in a new way by presenting them the opportunity to earn by answering questions which have been asked by other users seeking advice, tips, information and favors at a price. Built on the same ideals of the popular information sharing platform “Quora”, Goree will be taking the concept a step further by providing its users an incentive to get involved and help each other out.

The app will be beneficial to individuals and online businesses in several ways, “Goree app allows followers to ask questions, favors and receives answers at a price. Seasoned stock investors can provide stock picks and earn cash. Celebrities, sports legends, famous actors, outstanding athletes, model singers can use it to provide answers and earn cash. Use Goree to raise the important question to a celebrity, and the answer will pump cash from the listeners. Use it to promote your brand and win the heart of your followers.” – The spokesperson of Goree explained.

One of the most exciting aspects of an information sharing app like Goree is that it will serve as a great platform for celebrities and their fans to connect, fans can leverage the information sharing aspect of the app to ask celebrities the answers to questions they have always wanted to know. In a step to make Goree app more popular, the developers are actively trying to get celebrities on board the platform to create buzz.

The easy to use platform has fully functional Instagram features, which will allow users to instantly search an Instagram ID in Goree and send contribution just by a press of a button, it will also make it easier for users to follow one another and most importantly the celebrities. The Instagram glitterati and influencers will be able to direct all followers asking for a favor on Instagram to Goree, and then let them bet for the favor. Users will be able to answer questions and favor using text, image, voice or video, then they will be able to redeem cash to their Paypal or donate to the poor in charity.

The Celebrity Gossip Angle: Developers have reported that since the introduction of the app, the posts that have received the most amount of attention are about celebrities and celeb gossip. A number of people who have joined Goree include celebrities (with a little encouragement from the Goree management), they are happy to answer questions directly and maybe even put some rumors to rest with the truth. This angle of the app has excited a lot of the users. Users can expect to see their favorite actors, musicians, bloggers and even the top YouTube glitterati on the platform answering questions.

The Goree spokesperson said: “We at Goree are a large and diverse community of users that includes celebrities, sports legends, famous actors, outstanding athletes, model singers, who are using the app to provide answers and earn cash. Users are using Goree to raise the important question to a celebrity, and the answer will pump cash from the listeners. Use it to promote your brand and win the heart of your followers.”

Donations: According to Goree, it is encouraging to see a lot of users are choosing to donate their earnings to a variety of different charities. This aspect has really brought out the positive nature of an information sharing app such as Goree. Not only are the users helping one another out by asking questions and answering them but they are also helping people and charities in need only buy using an app and exchanging information.

The Goree app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store for Android and iPhone App Store for the iPhone and iPad. After the successful launch of the Goree App, the easy to use app has been rapidly becoming a more and more popular due to its ability to provide something for everyone. The developers of the app are continuously working to improve and further develop some updated and fixes have been made to the app and the latest update allows the user easily sync their information using their Instagram account, the developers also added some new algorithms and UI tweaks were also made for a hassle free use.

The app has been well received by the users initially as most users have given the Goree app a 5-star rating and a positive review.

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