PHOENIX, AZ – 13 Jan, 2017 – Brickhouse Productions and Publishing proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated book for high school and college graduates, Cigarettes & Bad Decisions The S*** I Wish I’d Known.

The book, compiled by authors Darren “Koffee Black” Cudjoe, Tha’Wann “Hollow Tip” Mallard, and James “MrJackBrickhouse” Mallard, delves into a collection of life experiences that showed them the way to a better, more prosperous life. Cigarettes & Bad Decisions The S*** I Wish I’d Known was written to offer genuine advice and information to help young adults make better choices as they move into the world of solo responsibility.

Each chapter of this powerful, funny, and awe-inspiring book offers short, yet transformative stories from each individual author.

“We wanted to offer a collection of experiences and perspectives from three unique individuals who survived the pitfalls of life that were put before us during our journey,” author James “MrJackBrickhouse” Mallard said. “We’re hoping that the book will help individuals with similar issues that we don’t have a direct connection with.”

The self-help book was born after the trio had a conversation about advice they’d recently given to some close friends. They quickly realized that most people experience similar ups and downs throughout their lives. Being motivational speakers and leaders, the authors decided to take their inspiring voices and put them down between the pages of a book.

“Every day, young people are thrust into the world unequipped and unprepared with the kind of knowledge they need to achieve success,” Mr. Mallard added. “Our book was written to assist these individuals in maximizing opportunities by sharing common mistakes that might hinder young adults along their journey. For the more mature adult, the book will allow them to reflect and reminisce on their own personal journey, while gaining gems of knowledge that can increase the value of their own treasure chest of experience.”

After a December soft release, Lauren McDade of Indianapolis read the book, and said she is ready to look at her life in a whole new light.

“Cigarettes and Bad Decisions was an excellent read! The chapter on the “black sheep” was especially inspirational and helped me to realize that it is ok to be different, to stand out, and not fit into society’s definition of normalcy. This is a practice that I can teach my daughter as she grows up, and she can pass on to her children.” – Lauren A. McDade

The motivational trio is using the book as a take away after speaking events scheduled at various schools and colleges across the country.

For questions, media inquiries, or to schedule the authors to speak at your educational institution, please contact James “MrJackBrickhouse” Mallard at (480)-719-0225 or email: brickhousepros@gmail.com

For more information on Cigarettes & Bad Decisions The S*** I Wish I’d Known, visit: Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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