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Over the past, Chinese caffeine factorieshave been enjoying an extremely robust demand for caffeine factories’ products from marketplace.Caffeine(CAS No.:58-08-2)produced by Chinese caffeine factorieshas been incorporated into the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 Version) so far.

The total demand for caffeine factories’ products in the international market stands at 48,000 tons per year, with a 10% annual growth rate, as a caffeine factory source indicated. At present, the overall global caffeine factories’production capacity is around 45,000 metric tons, among which, Chinese domestic caffeine manufacturer capacity exceeds 19,000 metric tons whilst the rest ofthe worldmanufacturer capacity mostly goes to caffeine factories based in India and Germany. In general, the global caffeine market sees supply ofcaffeine factories’ productsand demand in a tight balancing status.

Caffeine factories’ products can enhance the cortical excitatory process, boost energy, reduce fatigue and improve thinking.  As a result, its addition to cola drinks is another important application area of products from Chinese caffeine factories.

Sales volume of Chinese domestic caffeine factories has been on a continued sharp rise for several decades since this kind of drinks being used, most popular among young people. As for the Chinese market, annual consumption of Chinese caffeine factories’ productshas gone up fromhundreds of tons in the 1990s to the present level of thousands of tons from caffeine factories, recording a dramatic growth of ten times in sales of Chinese caffeine factories’ products, boosting the steady growth of demand forcaffeine factories’ products.

Chinese Caffeine factories’ Export isNo.2 among Antipyretic Analgesic API Drugs

A large number of caffeine factories’ products have been exported oversea for quite a long time due to strong demand for products from caffeine factoriesin the global market, with export volume of Chinese caffeine factoriesand valueof Chinese caffeine factories’ productsincreasing substantially gradually.

Fort antipyretic analgesic API drugs, the export performance of caffeine made by Chinese caffeine factories has long ranked No.2, next only to paracetamol. At the beginning of the this century, annual export volume of Chinese caffeine factories’ products reached 6,000 metric tons, annual export valueof Chinese caffeine factories’ products at $35 million. As a result, Chinese caffeine factories’export has been developing in an optimistic mood year by year.


Export volume of Chinese caffeine factories’ productswas 11,660 tons and export value of Chinese caffeine factories’ products reached $89.6 million in 2011;however, bythe year of 2012, export value of Chinese caffeine factories’ productshad broken through the $100 million, seeing an increase of 20% compared to the previous year; at the same time, export volume of Chinese caffeine factories’ products and value of Chinese caffeine factories’ products maintained annual growth from 2013 to 2015, rising to 14,335 tons and $123.66 million by the end of 2015; and most recently, the first four months of 2016 saw 5,070 metric tons in export volume of Chinese caffeine factories’ products and $44.1 million in export valueof Chinese caffeine factories’ products, which shows an uptrend once againon a year-on-yearbasis and expected to be closing at 15,000 metric tons from those Chinese caffeine factoriesby the end of the year.

Average export prices of Chinese caffeine factories’ products and its salt complexes have demonstrated a steady upward trend. The average export price for products of Chinese caffeine factoriesforthe year of 2013 was $8.45/kg, followed by 2014 at $8.47/kgfrom Chinese caffeine factories and 2015 $8.63/kg from Chinese caffeine factories. Theprice for caffeine made by Chinesecaffeine factories has stayed at $8.72/kg from January to April 2016.

United States, Brazil, Europe and South America are the major export destinations of Chinese caffeine factories’ products.The US ranks the No.1, already accounting for above 30% of the whole export volumeof Chinese caffeine factories’ products.Several major domestic caffeine factories have established strategic partnership with the two international giants of ‘Coke’ production, Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo after establishinga long-term caffeine factoriesrelationship,since Chinese caffeine factories’ products are spreading successfully in the global market.

A continuously growing demand for caffeine factories’ products will remain in the global market in the days to come,which shows that export of Chinese caffeine factories’ products will enjoy a momentum of increase.

Following years of development and market adjustment, Chinese caffeine factorieshas been expanding their production size of persistently, process and technologyof caffeine factories improved year by year, product qualityof caffeine factories enhanced steadily, production cost of caffeine factoriessignificantly dropping and competitivenessof Chinese caffeine factories’ products increasingly strong in the international market.

Theproduction process and technology of Chinese caffeine factoriesfor chemical API drugs like caffeine has become quite mature, and there is no concern over intellectual property issues. Coupled with the low production cost of caffeine factoriesand huge market potential of Chinese caffeine factories, some foreign companies are seen turning to China for buying raw materials from Chinese caffeine factories these days, whereas their own caffeine manufacturer facilities are closed one by one.  Such ‘Production Transfer’ has made it possible for Chinese caffeine factories to develop fast in the past decade into the world’s most important caffeine manufacturer and export base.  It is predictable that this trend favouring Chinese caffeine factories will extend further in the near future, and continuous growth in caffeine factories’capacity and export volume from Chinese caffeine factories is on the way.

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