GarageFarm.NET adds MODO to its long list of supported render farm software

“ Modo rendered image by Troll Bridge by Snowgum Films – This is Mica, a bridge troll and a very important character in the story. TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett.”
GarageFarm.NET announced today that they had added MODO to their long list of supported render farm software. The company said that they are working hard in improving their farm to provide their customers more options by supporting more 3d software.

GarageFarm.NET announced today that they had added MODO to their long list of render farm supported software. This is in line with their company’s vision to become the biggest and the cheapest render farm online supporting a broad range of 3D software.

Tomek S, Company Director said, “Our goal is to provide our customers a glimpse of how our render farm works and how easy it is to render their projects using our plugins for their favorite applications.”

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In addition to their continued effort to improve the company’s render farm hardware, GarageFarm.NET vigorously searches for 3D software mostly used by industry professionals and adds them to their cloud farm. 3D software MODO is the latest to their list. The company launched their MODO landing page dedicated to their MODO customers: for them to read testimonials and see sample client renders. The company also said that they are offering their new clients  $50 worth of free credit to test the MODO render farm with all features enabled without any need to commit.

About GarageFarm.NET Ltd:

GarageFarm.NET Ltd offers professional rendering services to anyone who is involved with CG. It does not matter if you’re a hobbyist, a part-time passionate graphic designer, or a professional film studio from the most remote place on Earth, we have sufficient cloud based computer power to meet your needs.

 The render farm runs on hardware carefully selected and configured with performance in mind. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering high-quality, quick, and reliable service that is affordable. Our tech team is responsive, friendly, and available 24/7.

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