Our Ancestors – Guide for tracing back your ancestors

“Our Ancestors” by Rowena Strittmatter
Rowena Strittmatter teaches readers in “Our Ancestors” to find the traces of their own family history.

These days, people often do not know more about their family than who their grandparents were (or are). The times in which your family tree and origin of family members was of importance are over, however, more and more people develop an interest in knowing more about their roots. Thanks to the internet, it should be easy to find more information, but often people can feel overwhelmed when they start looking for their ancestors. In this book, readers find a compilation of stories surrounding Norse Mythology, the Vikings, the Normans and the Anglo Saxons, but also a description of how one can trace their ancestors back in history.

People who are interested in finding out what role their ancestors have played in history will find a lot of useful information in “Our Ancestors” by Rowena Strittmatter. The stories help to get an idea about what role genealogy plays in history, and how accounts of historical events can actually help readers to track down their own ancestors. The interesting stories are supplemented by practical information on where to begin when you want to start a more detailed family tree and learn more about your own heritage.

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