Coach Sylvia Williams Six Week Weight Loss Program Goes on Limited Time Sale

MOKENA, IL – 1/13/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Compelled by her interest in exercise and fitness, Coach Syl has made a name for herself in the weight loss industry. Her phenomenal six-week fat loss program: ‘Weight Loss Success Mastery – Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Workout’ is a combination of interactive files and videos known to impact users in a unique way.
However, the best part is Sylvia’s concern for her new customers. First timers visiting Coach Syl’s official website can avail the limited time discount deal to access the program’s full features at an affordable rate. This offer is supported with money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support to help weight watchers remain clear of their inhibitions and spontaneous doubts.

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Coach Syl inspires confidence and motivation in a whole new manner:
Though it is true that she holds a repute in the fitness industry, she was originally not a hardcore athlete or a fitness mentor. In fact she is an ordinary woman, who had to struggle initially with body image and weight reduction. Her success is attributed to self-taught discipline, diet and exercise regimen that helped her to discover a wide variety of things that work differently, and effectively, for each body type.

Her fitness program has been known to affect clients in a unique fashion. Unlike typical mentors who emphasize a cookie cutter diet and exercise routines, which, not to mention, are aggressively marketed and projected with fake images – so much so that the idea of losing weight seems impossible to normal people, Coach Syl takes the real life brass tacks approach.

Through emails, one-on-one sessions, and her YouTube channel, she connects with people by motivating them and making them realize that it is not too late to get started. Since each person has a different body composition, eating and work habits, the weight loss process reportedly ends up at its own pace.

The six-week weight loss program is Coach Syl’s intake on helping people on their road to success without stressing them out too much. Key highlights of the program are, but not limited to:

Emphasis on the importance of nutrition and exercise.
Fast paced and fun workouts to help break a sweat in no time.
Access to private Facebook members only group where dieticians and exercise experts share their opinions. Clients can talk about what they are struggling with, and how to get maximum results.

Daily lessons designed to suit office going people and stay at home entrepreneurs.
100% money back guarantee.

Full package discount details are immediately available at Coach Syl and her team are also hosting a Nutrition Seminar program in the near future.

The seminar will cover basics of nutrition, healthy eating, and importance of exercise to help spread the awareness about balanced lifestyle. It is also expected that the seminar will inspire fitness club owners and members to recruit their friends and family members under Sylvia’s tutelage for professional guidance and support concerning fat loss.

About Coach Syl:
Sylvia Williams, the Illinois based fitness instructor, has been affiliated to the weight loss industry for several years now. Prior to taking up the responsibilities of a fitness expert, she held the image of the ordinary American woman, who had to overcome adversity, time management constraints and weight reduction. Through a rigorous exercise routine, and diet plan, Coach Syl is now sharing her secrets to success to help reshape people’s lives.

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