Theradome has remarkable curative effect of treating hair loss

Since iGrow helmet appeared in CES in Las Vegas in 2015, LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapay) device for hair loss used at home has become a trend in all over the world.

LLLT is a safe form of light/heat treatment under investigation for a variety of health indications. LLLT devices with diodes can emit red laser light to penetrate the scalp. It is being used to treat hair loss common in men and women, named androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.

Now in the USA, hairmax、iGrow、theradome are the three leading brands,especially theradome. Bosley Medical, the biggest hair restorations with 200 chain clinics, highly recommended theradome as an aided tool to maintain hair even after hair transplant surgery.

Its reputation has been reported by a lot of famous media like FOX, CNN, CCTV and so on.

Based on the outstanding achievements of the three brands in the USA market, we did an investigation about their present situation in Chinese market. After all, China has the largest population and the second largest economy. The more people are suffering from hair loss, the bigger LLLT device market potential will be.

According to our investigation, Alibaba and are the most two important eCommerce platforms in China. Both theradome and hairmax have their flagships in the two platforms but iGrow. In the past several months, theradome keeps its price at a quite stable situation; and hairmax’s price is very mix, different from stores. More people are prefer to theradome though its price is the highest among the three for they can get professional after-sale service when they met some problems in using. This can be reflected from people’s evaluations.

iGrow has been flat in China for the last several years. It has no official website nor flagship store in all platforms, and even without any new search results, like news or feedback from the customers. So it’s very hard for us to search for some information.

As for Baidu, the biggest internet search engine in China, theradome’s search terms are much more than hairmax’s. Worse that hairmax unexpectedly cheat customers that it is the flagship store of theradome both in Alibaba platform and Baidu. It is Shameful.


Besides that, we are informed that theradome has just finished a clinical test in US aimed at male hair loss and its result will be issued soon. The clinical test for male hair loss was a double-blind, multicenter trail regulated by NIH (National Institution of Health) which has achieved a quite remarkable success. It’s worth mentioning that of all the LLLT devices, theradome is the only one who can face up to the double-blind challenge. It will be the powerful evidence and marketing material to archive more market share in both US and China.

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