William Graney’s Mountain Time Released for Amazon Kindle

The Continuation of Graney’s Many Mystery Novels

January 13, 2017 – Author William Graney has a new book on sale called Mountain Time and the Legend of La Société de la Frontiere Ouverte. This is available for sale from the Amazon Kindle store.

The book follows Michelle Tanaka, a former resident of the small town of Mountaintop. After living in Seattle for nearly twenty years, she chooses to move back to the town with her family. This all comes after she receives a sign suggesting that it is time for her to go back to a town that she has traumatic memories of.

After receiving some strange signs from the Mountaintop Library, Michelle chooses to move back to her hometown. But as she tries to resolve the demons of her past, she learns of a strange crystal cave near the town and a secret society based out of the area. As she starts to learn about the land, she begins to think more about her role in the world and how it all relates to her.

Graney wrote this book as a unique story about a secret society and the need to confront one’s past. It is a book about aiming to move forward in life even when the past comes back into play. The book is especially chilling for its intense storyline and for the suspense that it creates in a place where time is different

Graney has become a noteworthy name in the world of mystery literature as evidenced in prior books like Saving Grace and Limbo. He is looking to make his mark on the genre with Mountain Time as it delves into a brand new mystery.

Many of the characters in some of Graney’s older books can be found in Mountain Time as well. These include a new character from Tupie’s Diner, a short story he recently wrote.

The book is available for purchase through the Amazon Kindle store and can be read on all sorts of Kindle devices.

Graney does note that Mountain Time contains spoilers to two of his prior books, Mountaintop USA and Saving Grace. While it is not completely necessary for new readers of Graney’s work to read them, it is strongly encouraged.

About the Author:

William Graney is a mystery fiction novelist. He is the author of various connected books including Limbo, Mountaintop USA, Mirrors in the Dark and Saving Grace, a book that ties all three together.

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