Rabbi Simon Altaf Discusses the End of Times in WW3

A New Book On the Threat of Radical Religious Values

January 13, 2017 – Rabbi Simon Altaf is promoting his book WW3: Unmasking the End Time Beast as it is currently available online through Amazon. The book is about understanding the risks that enemies of Israel have to the rest of the world.

Altaf writes in his book about the threat of radical Islam. This includes a look at how radical Islam is different from the more traditional form of Islam. It entails a look at how many people take the faith of Islam the wrong way and contort it into a different and more dangerous meaning.

Altaf talks about the many Biblical passages that mention the threats that outside threats have to the Jewish people. He also looks into what causes people of the Islamic faith to turn their backs on others and to become hostile. This includes a look into how Ezekiel, Zechariah and many other prophets have foretold of the end times and of how those in the Islamic faith will be responsible for it.

The book also goes into a look at how different constructs of today’s society have been formed. This includes a belief in the roles of the United States and United Kingdom in making it easier for society to develop and thrive.

Rabbi Altaf has done a great deal of research of religious texts to get a clearer idea of how religions work and what can be done to handle the threats that are coming about. The information listed here is especially important to all those interested in understanding how dangerous society can be at times.

The book is a wakeup call to all those around the world who want to understand about the threat of radical ideologies. It especially looks into the roles that people in today’s society are to have and how they are capable of helping with growing society and improving upon its functions.

WW3 is designed as a book that will make a difference among all those who want to learn more about how religion operates around the world and how dangerous it may be. The information listed here will make a real difference when it comes to understanding how society works and what can be done as a means of protecting the world.

About the Author:

Rabbi Simon Altaf is an author of various books relating to the Islamic faith. Born in Pakistan to Muslim parents from a Persian Jewish background, he has studied many religious texts and written about the prophecies included in those books.

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