Terras Garden Board of Directors Writes A Letter to the C.E.O

It is with immense pleasure that we the board of directors of Terras Garden write this letter of appreciation to show our profound gratitude for your total support and contribution to the progress and overall success of the company during the one-year period you have been with us. We may not be able to mention all the enormous efforts you have invested in this great organization, all of which have further awakened us to the consciousness of our mission as an organization.

Over the past two years, your leadership role has been phenomenal in impacting and inspiring members of the board of directors and all the employees within the organization to bring out their best and passionately contribute their quota towards the realization of the organization’s mission.

More than any other thing, the board has benefited greatly from your pieces of advice. All your efforts to promote organization and stakeholder change related to the mission of the organization have counted as milestones. As the visionary and information bearer, your role of providing timely information has added to the organization’s success, as access to up-to-date information by the board and staff has kept the organization’s processes in order.

Your insightful decisions have propelled the organization forward through the implementation of effective plans and strategies. We value your integrity in managing the organization’s resources, human and material, and for building a legacy based on the authorized personnel policies and procedure in accordance with the law and regulation.

As a link between the organization, the community, and stakeholders, you have successfully represented the organization, protecting its positive image before stakeholders, and have also spearheaded the planning and implementation of fundraising programs, which have contributed significantly to our resource base, and ultimately, to the organization’s growth.

Throughout the two-year period, there has been a lot of achievements and all these make us proud. Setting up the company from scratch, strategic development, developing marketing tools, developing internet strategies, processing and controlling the production of protocols, and raising over 6 million dollars are some of the milestones that put your name in our heart.

While we may not be able to fully describe how grateful we are for your commitment and ground-breaking achievements, we hope that the word “thank you” in its dignifying simplicity rightly conveys our heartfelt gratitude.


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