New Adventure in DDTank Mobile Version 2.5

Introduction of the most requested features in DDTank Mobile Version 2.5.

DDTank Mobile released the new version 2.5 on the 4th of January, 2017, which has been highly expected since late 2016. Guild Boss, Profit-recover, monthly card and many new features are included in this new version.

New Adventure in DDTank Mobile Version 2.5

Let’s check out the updates and special features that you shouldn’t miss.

Guild Boss

Guild Boss can be found in Guild Club, and players can tap to challenge it. There are 3 free challenge attempts available every day. Every time the Guild Boss is defeated, it will spawn with a higher level the next day (highest is Lvl 7). The higher the level of the Guild Boss that players defeat, the better the rewards they’ll obtain. Players will also get rewards for dealing damage to it. Defeat Rewards will be sent to the Guild after the Boss is defeated. Players can call their Guild friends to take on this challenge together.

Profit Recover

In the new version 2.5, the Profit Recover feature is also being added. Profits from World Boss, Labyrinth (Hard), Arena, and Totem Seal can be recovered for free, with Contribution or with coins.

Monthly Card

To thank the loyal DDTank players, the DDTank team added a high-profit Monthly Card in this new version. Recharge 9.99 dollars to receive 1000 Coins immediately and 400 Vouchers every day for 30 days.

New Maps, Pets and Items

There are now more new maps, pets and items. The three new Pets are Ancient Snake with highest Defense of the three, Crystal Phoenix with highest Agility, and Ancient Dragon with highest Attack. Players can choose their pet according to their own needs.

Higher Level of Character, Practice and Totem

In the new version 2.5, players can reach a higher level of Character, Practice and Totem. The highest level of Character is now 65, the highest level of Practice (Defense, Attack, Agilty, HP, and Luck) is now 70 and the highest level of Totem is now 25.

Except for these new features, the DDTank team has fixed bugs and optimize some system in the previous versions. For example, the Chat System is recovered so players can chat easily in game again. To celebrate the new version, lots of new events will be help both in game and on DDTank’s official Facebook Fan Page.

About DDTank Mobile

DDTank Mobile is a cute casual online multiplayer mobile game. Participate in Duels, Guild Battles and PvP that can be challenging to even the most skilled players. Explore mysterious fortresses and distant worlds. Challenge the new world boss: the powerful Dark Dragon. Collect masks, hair and suit sets, as well as weapons that look cooler as they power up.

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