Rodeo® Cowhide Rugs Introduces Eco-Friendly, Safe and Chromium-Free Cowhide Rugs

Rodeo® Cowhide Rugs is offering safe, eco-friendly rugs that are processed in a revolutionary way that sets it apart from most other brands in the market.

Online store Rodeo® Cowhide Rugs is now offering a product that is completely natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. By making use of techniques that set them apart from the rest of the overwhelmingly ordinary companies in the tannery industry, they are able to provide a product that is truly unique. Their process of tanning the hides is completely natural and makes use of no chromium. It leaves behind a product that is void of that lingering leather smell, dirty fumes from the tanning and a rough finish.

They do this by making use of natural vegetable extracts that does not change the overall look and feel of the hide. The rugs that they market, as a result, are soft to the touch and look a lot more natural than most other brands whose rugs are normally stiff and not pliable. The fact that the rugs are made out of vegetable extracts also lengthens the useful life of the rug. According to the makers of the product, even the cleaning process is simple, regular vacuuming and an occasional dry cleaning is all that is required.

The rugs are notably safe for use with children and pets. There are no harmful chemicals or foul animal smell, so babies are comfortable on the surface. The rugs do not impact the environment, so they are a responsible purchase.

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