Miami Real Estate Trends Announces Aston Martin Condo Sales

Miami, FL – Following the recent announcement of British car maker Aston Martin’s partnership with Argentinian developers, they are building the premier Aston Martin luxury condo, with Miami Real Estate Trends releasing their own announcement as one of the broker agents assisting the developer to sell units. Riding on the tails of a great deal of buzz, many have already put in their deposits to secure a place in an Aston Martin condo in Miami, worthy of the great James Bond himself.

This construction announcement, naming Aston Martin Miami condo as the latest luxury condo brand in South Florida, marks the British car maker’s first venture into the world of real estate, further expanding their reputation in business developments, having previously only been known for as the legendary automaker of James Bonds’ wheels. The luxury condo is to be constructed in downtown Miami, southwest of the One Miami Building. The expected features and amenities of the condo as released so far include a spa, lobbies, a meditation room, sauna, and art gallery among other things, with the company’s branding incorporated into the decoration of the building’s leather, door handles, color palettes, and reception desks.

While construction is not expected to be completed until 2021, Miami Real Estate Trends is jumping the gun to give interested individuals the opportunity to get in their deposits early for an Aston Martin Condo Miami spot. With top Miami Real Estate Condo sales, Keller Williams of the Luxury Division offers thorough details regarding the highly-anticipated luxury condo, including floor plans, a full list of amenities and services, and a background of the building’s developers.

“People are very excited about this,” Dan Maza, Miami Real Estate Trends spokesperson comments. “Miami’s a huge city with a lot of important people, and it’s the perfect place for Aston Martin to make their mark in real estate.” Indeed, the Aston Martin Condo Miami is meant to be the launching platform for other luxurious condo projects by the car company to come.

Providing a head-start for those already interested in securing a place in the highly-anticipated condominium, Miami Real Estate Trends offers early bird Aston Martin Condo sales. Launched back in December of 2016, an on-site official sales center is set to open in March 2017, though the company recommends putting in a deposit as soon as possible to secure a condo before then. With pricing still to be determined, some details of the luxury building are yet to come, but nonetheless, those interested in the prospect of owning a Bond-worthy condo have already been securing their spots, with excitement about the project only increasing.

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