New Anti-Aging EGF Stem Cell Treatment Launched by NeoCorium

Nature Meets Science in Cutting Edge Skin Care

Tampa, Florida – January 14, 2017 – Today, NeoCorium, LLC. announced the immediate availability of NeoCorium Skin Rejuvenating Treatment. This enables women and men alike to have access to a clinical-grade EGF stem cell treatment; without a visit to their dermatologist.

“NeoCorium Skin Rejuvenating Treatment was designed to give everyone the power of an invasive, in-office procedure, in an all-natural, non-invasive topical treatment. It’s truly the ultimate anti-aging solution,” states Jennifer Aldrich, Director of Communications at NeoCorium, LLC..

Sources at NeoCorium, LLC. state that the anti-aging treatment was inspired through research on the benefits of growth factors and stem cells for an eBook produced for the medical community. It was discovered that the bioactive components in mammalian EGF and stem cells have a powerful effect on rejuvenating aging skin, leading to NeoCorium’s breakthrough creation.

Studies have shown that all areas of skin that are treated with the growth factors and stem cells in NeoCorium’s proprietary formula, will increase skin hydration, reduce thinning, sagging and wrinkling; while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to repair damaged skin and rebuild new, healthy skin cells. This addresses major anti-aging concerns for anyone looking to correct multiple skin issues with one product.

The carrier agents utilized in NeoCorium’s Derma Carrier cream penetrate the deepest layers of the skin; driving the Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate into the dermal layer of the skin to repair, rebuild and renew the skin at the cellular level.

Another unique feature of this product is the packaging. NeoCorium house their Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate in dark-colored glass bottles with glass droppers for dispensing the formula. This was done to protect the ingredients from breaking down due to light and heat exposure, and retains 100% of the bioactive’s potency.

Plastic bottles are not used to house the Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate, as plastic causes a “binding” effect, trapping the polypeptides and growth factors within the bottle. Plastic bottles reduce the efficacy of the Growth Factor & Stem Cell Concentrate formula per dose by up to 60%.  Dark-colored glass bottles and glass droppers ensure 100% of the formula’s active ingredients stay intact for maximum results.

The Derma Carrier cream is housed separately in airless pump bottles to prevent exposure to the elements and possible contamination. The two components are then mixed together per dose at the time of usage. This assures potency and efficacy, maintaining freshness for each treatment.
NeoCorium Skin Rejuventing Treatment Availability

Previously only available through medical practitioners; the release of NeoCorium’s Skin Rejuvenating Treatment to the public gives everyone the power of a clinical-grade treatment – in the palm of their hand.

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NeoCorium Ingredient List:

• Epidermal growth factor: Clinically improves wrinkling, skin thickness and density by over 30% and produces new collagen formation within the skin. (Hussain et al., 2008) * see below

• Fibroblast growth factor: Improved skin softness, thickness and viscoelasticity as well as reducing wrinkle volume and depth. Rejuvenation of aging skin. (Ono, I. 2011) (Zeranska et al., 2016) * see below

• Platelet-derived growth factor: Increases healthy cell growth and type 1 collagen and skin fibroblasts that maintain skin integrity and youth. (Kim et al., 2011) * see below

• Erythropoietin: Reparative and rejuvenating for skin tissue. Reduces inflammation and helps heal. (Sorg et al., 2013) * see below

• Transforming growth factors Alpha & Beta: Stimulation of collagen secretion and maintaining healthy skin structure. Enhances the rate of healing damaged skin. (Ching et al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) * see below

• Interleukins: Stimulate immune responses within cells. Reduces inflammation, enhances healing and activation of growth factors. (Draelos, 2016) * see below

• Insulin-like growth factors 1 & 2: Increase healing and healthy cell growth, collagen and elastin. Decrease both intrinsic skin aging (natural aging process) and extrinsic skin aging (aging from environmental factors). (Povoa et al., 2011) (Ranaweera, 2011) * see below

• Emu oil: Anti-inflammatory, has essential omega-3’s, reduces the appearance of scars and sun damage, penetrates deeply into skin to moisturize, aids in healing eczema and psoriasis. (Axe, 2016) * see below

• Jojoba oil: Promotes the absorption of topicals, anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizing, can reduce the signs of aging, aids in wound healing and protecting the skin. (Pazyar et al., 2013) * see below

• Lavender oil: Increases fibroblasts to synthesize rapid collagen production and stimulates healing at a faster rate. (Mori et al., 2016) * see below

**Not all human clinical trials; some in vivo, in vitro, in animal models**



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