New Seek App: Augmented Reality Just Became A Lot More Rewarding

HIGHLAND, UT – 14 Jan, 2017 – PokemonGO, step aside. It’s time for Seek. Last summer, the world was turned on its head as the masses were introduced to augmented reality–combining the real world with the virtual world. PokemonGO’s meteoric rise paved the way for other augmented reality, location-based apps to jump into the mix. Seek is the first app since then to its footsteps, but this time, there’s a much catchier twist–real rewards.

One can only catch Pokemon so many times before it gets old and redundant, which is why the world phenomonen had as quick of a downfall as it did an upswing. Seek decided to take an approach that they believe will never get old. Seekers use a map interface, similar to other location-based games, to locate treasure chests placed all over the world. When a user gets close enough to the chest, they can tap on it, open the chest through an augmented reality view, and then see what they win! Prizes can range from cash to gift cards to TVs, digital cameras, GoPros, in-app rewards and much more. Since the soft launch, just a few weeks ago, over 80,000 prizes have been won in over 33 countries.

The app is free (iPhone and Android), and makes money through advertising sponsorships as local and national brands provide prizes for Seek users. For example, GoalZero, one of the leading personal solar power manufacturers, is giving away thousands of dollars of prizes each month. Blendtec, one of the best blender companies in the world, gives away a $500 blender every week through the app. Companies are able to put their products in front of millions through the app and create consumer engagement without the customer feeling like they are being sold. Winning is based on chance, and some users are already addicted.

One user commented in their review of the app, “Finally, a game that combines the best of geocaching (go cool places) and Pokemon Go (augmented reality), with none of the complexity of either of these — and free stuff to motivate me to keep Seeking!!! I found three points along my walk in the park today — awesome!”

Another user commented, “Downloaded the app last week, but never got around to trying it out until yesterday. Last night on the way home from the movies, I was showing the app to my wife and she started telling me to slow down and turn here. Took us forever to get home because of all the treasure chests we found. We froze but had a great time. Oh and by the why we are in our 50s!”

Seek is growing at an enormous rate and aims to have over 5,000,000 users by Spring, when usage will increase even more due to warmer weather. Businesses can use Seek to implement a mobile and augmented reality component to their marketing plan. Retail and restaurant locations can drive traffic by placing Seek chests outside their place of business, and events can add incredible engagment through the app.

Seek is available for download on iPhone and Android worldwide. What will you find?™

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