“The Three-Body problem” Drama VS Movie: Eyes on a Bigger Picture

“The Three Body Problem Movie VS Drama”
Comparison of Sci-Fic Book Transformed Movies and Drama Works

Sometimes words can unveil the ancient mysteries and question the significance of Cultural Revolution and core of civilization. Mesmerizing and extremely eminent Chinese Sci-Fi writer Liu Cixin questioned the human nature in a quite dramatic manner in his award winning novel “The Three-Body problem”.

Since olden times, sci-fi novel have been the inspiration for plenty of successful movies and stage dramas. “First Lensman” written by Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith in 1950 was one of the first authentic space operas. “First Lensman” is the direct inspiration for the most successful sci-fi movie franchise STAR WARS. The novel keeps its readers attracted via space-hopping adventure series. THE STEPFORD WIVES is an American Sci-Fi comedy-drama movie came in 2004 which was a remake of the same title film came in 1975. The movie is based on Sci-Fi novel ‘The Stepford Wives’ written by Ira Levin. The remake earned $102 million worldwide.

I AM LEGEND is another sci-fi novel based blockbuster movie came in 2007. This movie earned $585 million worldwide. It is based on the novel of same name written by Richard Matheson in 1954. The transformation from novel to movie became extremely successful and proves from audience’s response and box-office collection.

Blockbuster novels based movies have registered amazing box offices collections. Some of successful novel based movies are A Clockwork Orange (1971), One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Tess (1979), Trainspotting (1996) and many more. Though, it doesn’t indicate that all novel based movies became successful as some of them were thrashed on box office. Some of such flop movies are The Golden Compass, the Postman, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Pelican Brief etc.

“The Three-Body problem” has won plenty of prestigious recognitions and awards worldwide.  LotusLee Drama Company has personified the novel with its scintillating 3D Sci-Fi drama ‘The Three-Body Problem’. This drama is created by the proud presenters of The Lost Tomb Drama 3D. ‘The Three-Body Problem’ drama made its debut on 1st of June 2016. It is also registering its presence at the prestigious global event APAP NYC 2017. This drama will display a new dimension of stage play with its charismatic 3D stage technologies. Lotus Lee is the Chief Producer, Liu Cixin is Production Supervisor, and Liu Fangqi is the director of this Sci-Fi Drama.

Film “The Three-Body problem” is about to release in 2017 starring David E Woodley, Hans Zhang, Tiffany Tang, Zhang Jingchu, Feng Shaofeng etc. Fanfan Zhang is the director of this science fiction. The movie is based on the Sci-Fi fiction Chinese novel “The Three-Body problem”. Even though the movie is yet to meet the audience, from the trailer, we will able to tell that “The Three-Body problem” movie and drama are completely different prospects. The “The Three-Body problem” movie uses the traditional representing ways like most Science Fiction movies to tell this story. “The Three-Body problem” drama enables more interaction with audiences by using engaging 3D stage technologies.  It will be interesting to see the audience’s responses to both drama and movie after seeing the sci-fi drama on big screen and stage. 

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