Optokingdom Announces to Supply LED Screens, Displays & Panels for Advertising & Promotions of Products

China based HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd offers high quality LED displays, screens and curtains that can be used for advertising products, both indoor and outdoor.

With their unique and creatively designed LED displays, screens and curtains, Optokingdom is revolutionizing the ways marketers used to promote brands or products. These LED panels are highly attractive and engaging and can draw the attention of the audience to help promote a brand. Available in a wide variety of styles and ranges, the LED fitted displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they are introducing the LED dance floor for sale, which can prove a unique way to ensure brand recognition. Available in different dimensions, the LED fitted dance floors are highly portable and can quickly be installed to create a dancing platform. The use of aluminum frames makes the product lightweight, but it is also durable at the same time. One can choose a custom dimension and height of the floor and also can choose from different types and colors of LED fittings to adorn the dance floor.

The company also designs and supplies a significant LED Curtain range that one can use for displaying images and videos in outdoor locations. With the use of aluminum mesh, the LED curtains are highly decorative and feature a perfect architectural decoration pattern. One can choose from different dimensions and it is also easy to be transported from one place to another as it can be packed into a compact size. The curtain is easy to install and it also requires a very little maintenance.

Optokingdom Announces to Supply LED Screens, Displays & Panels for Advertising & Promotions of Products

The spokesperson reveals that they specialize in designing the LED Video Curtain, featuring LED strips that make the presentation vivid and more dynamic. The curtain is ultra-thin and its light structure adds to its portability. With high transparency and automatic cooling features, the curtain can be installed on different surfaces without a need of an air conditioner for cooling it.

At Optokingdom, engineers and technicians use their creativity and the latest technology to design and develop a variety of LED fitted displays for advertising and product promotions.

One can learn more about these products by visiting the website http://www.optokingdom.com

About HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd.

HaiSheng LED Co. Ltd, established in May 2008, is a professional LED Display Manufacturer. It’s a hi-tech enterprise which specializes in research, designing, manufacturing and export of all kinds of LED Products. With qualified talents, high technology and abundant funds, the company has many offices and branches in most cities of China. Optokingdom is the most trusted online store for HSTV LED Display, LED screen, LED wall, LED signs and LED panels. They offer the highest quality of LED Screens, Displays, signs, and panels, suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertisement.

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