Top Termite Control Company in Malaysia launches new website

Termite Control Expert has grown to become the leading termite control expert in Malaysia with their holistic approach to exterminating pests. They built their reputation based on a competent team of termite control experts, quick acting solutions, and great value service packages.

Clients will get a whole range of services from general pest control, termite baits, preventive actions, and other termite control methods. The solutions they provide keeps pests like termites from causing property damage to wooden houses, offices, and establishments.

The company has a large client base from homeowners to commercial business owners because of the quick and quality service they provide. It is carried out by a team of termite experts using effective tools for extermination and equipment to render quick services.

A professional team will visit the site first to check for the extent of the termite problem and use the proper solution that will solve it safely and effectively.  This is all covered in the service package they offer clients.

Houses or building for pre-construction can also hire termite control expert apply termite preventing solutions on the foundation of the structure to keep termites away from the start. Termite infested areas can also hire Termite Control Expert for a termite baiting system or a pest misting system that will kill termites and other pests.

Users can also read guides for termite control on the website. It contains tips on how to effectively control termites using simple strategies. It will also contain advice on professional help and finding the right termite control solution.

Video instructions on DIY methods for pest control can also be seen for users to do the tips themselves. Aside from that, recorded videos on how the company does their work can be viewed where viewers can see in detail the pest control procedure and safety measures by their team.

Interested customers can visit their website at or their office located in Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Clients can also send an email to their customer service through or call them using the number +603-2899-5401.

Media Contact
Company Name: Termite Control Expert (T.C.E.)
Contact Person: Aaden
Phone: +603-2899 5401
Country: Malaysia