Premier Polygraph Testing Service, Lie Detectors UK, Moves to Maidstone, Kent

Kent, UK – Lie Detectors UK, one of the most sought after polygraph test and analysis firms, has announced it has relocated to Maidstone in Kent. After establishing its leadership in the testing and detection of a wide range of lies and misrepresentations, the firm now offers dedicated polygraph suites for advanced analysis, and has set up a training centre for further research and growth.

Polygraphs tests are now a proven technique for truth verification and to detect lies and deceit involving cases as wide ranging as domestic disputes, pre-employment screening, employee fraud, sports controversies, bribery and kickback allegations and media scandals. Lie Detectors UK has regularly hit the headlines for nailing liars and fraudsters through its pioneering work with individuals, corporate businesses and legal professionals.

Founded in 2013 by pioneering chief examiner, Jason Hubble, Lie Detectors UK has set new benchmarks with latest validation techniques and up to date equipment, and is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the National Polygraph Association, and the British and European Polygraph Association.

Revealing the science behind lie detection, Jason says, “We can test you without you answering yes or no, as your body answers for you.” A simple polygraph test can save hours of hassle in investigations and narrow down lines of inquiries. Unlike a Pinocchio, while their noses may not grow, habitual liars betray their falsehood by showing increase in heart rate, heavy breathing and involuntary emotional reactions.

Lie Detectors UK’s groundbreaking work in some recent high profile cases have earned it laurels from the press, and the firm now offers its services in the UK, Europe and to the rest of the world. All examiners (male and female) hold qualifications from an American Polygraph Association school and have been trained at Stoelting. The firm is also associated with the Peak Polygraph School and Lie Detector Test Guru to deliver the most advanced and reliable testing services that follow the APA guidelines.

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