AFrikk launches an online platform which empowers and unites Africans around the World

Elisee Ndenga and Nathan K. Johnson Sr., Co-founders of AFrikk, is today highly delighted to announce the launch of an online platform created for helping people prosper through social commerce.  This platform is specially designed to turn Africa from being a community of countries to becoming a global market through which its citizens can showcase their products and know-how to the rest of the world. AFrikk empowers Africa with technological tools that will help Africans to create wealth.

AFrikk was perfectly designed to deliver the optimum, fascinating and user-friendly experience with enhanced functionality and navigation thereby enabling users to have access to comprehensive product information. The site which was created bearing strongly in mind the expected user experience has been designed using the most state-of-the-art technology to make it compatible with the most recent mobile devices and browsers.

“Through advanced technology coupled with the experience and talent of the professional team at AFrikk, the company offers various opportunities to Africans to do commerce, access knowledge, and exhibit their talents and personal skills, thereby promoting creativity, and connecting all Africans around the globe. The platform empowers and unites Africans around the world through education, entrepreneurship, networking, communication and many more. “AFrikk is a Market where over 1.5 billion people are empowered to trade goods, services and knowledge without borders, thereby creating wealth” stated Elisee Ndenga, the Co-founder of AFrikk.

The new platform created with richer online content which is easy to navigate, showcases all the various African products and know-how ranging from, entertainment, to travel and tourism, art and design, health and wellness, religion and belief, education, news, e-commerce and many more; with all details necessary to keep visitors acquainted with the product offerings and an easier and more engaging user experience. The motivating and innovative online platform is created to offer opportunities to learn, work, socialize, trade, connect and play.

As stated by Nathan K Johnson Sr., the Co-founder of AFrikk, “When you go to, you will get another look of Africa. You will experience Africa and Africans in their slender working together as a unit, giving back, pressing forward, embracing cooperative economics and empowering themselves. The platform connects Africans and people around the world to opportunities that make their lives better”. We invite the world to come and experience Africa through Afrikk and to embrace the opportunities of fellowship, commerce, education and growth.

For further information or to explore the list of products showcased by AFrikk contact Elisee Ndenga on 614 218 5743, 614 706 6777 or through an email to:  Stay tuned for our next Product Release.

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