Curtis W. Jackson Announces Debut of “Waiting for Regina” on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble

The new incredible heart-warming, beautiful, and disconcertingly reflective novel shares fantastic secrets on how teens and young adults can sustain through the roller-coastal, joys and pains of the many controversial issues confronting them

Adolescence is a turbulent time for many teenagers as they come to terms with a new identity and seek the approval of peers. The transitional period is characterized by physical, emotional, and psychological changes that can be awkward, but also exhilarating as adolescents discover new and different experiences related to racism, bullying, interracial marriage, abuse, and loss of life. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the brain of an adolescent functions much differently than an adult’s, because his actions are guided more by the amygdala and less by the frontal cortex. This makes him more likely to act on impulse, get into accidents, become involved in fights and engage in risky behavior. These differences might also be responsible for an adolescent’s susceptibility to peer pressure, involvement in risky sexual behaviors, dangerous drug use, and racial inequality. 

That concern should be dispelled by “Waiting for Regina” which is a first in a series of anecdotal creative fiction books resulting from a series of digital books that featured a short story titled “Regina, What Is the Color of It?” released on some months ago. The new incredible heart-warming, beautiful, and disconcertingly reflective novel published by Barnes & Noble under Nook Press Print, which is also available in printed format on SmashWordscovers it all. From early childhood to teenage years as it opens discussion of history’s long social problem, overcoming the challenges and defying stereotypes typically aligned to young adults, to providing answers to complaints about colorism, which is still practiced in high schools and communities throughout the United States and other parts of the world.

Curtis W. Jackson, the author, who spent most of his life living on Long Island is a Bay Shore High School graduate and a student of Full Sail University majoring in Graphic Design, and having lived and learned from different hilarious life experiences in his previous years, he is opportune to demonstrate how teens and young adults can sustain through the roller coastal ride, joys and pains of the many controversial issues confronting them.

“Waiting for Regina,” which get its roots from “Regina, What Is the Color of It?” is a past account of a bright, aspiring student named Mispha, and her brilliant and beautiful teacher. A lovely skinned black youth, Mispha, who wrote a letter to her intimate friend Regina struggles for acceptance in a bias affluent society of the latter 1980’s. The brave white teacher, Samantha confronts academic pressure as she strives to advance multicultural studies in a predominantly Caucasian community. They face their limitations and find a compromise in a bonding friendship of sisterhood, sealing it in an association with a handsome professor. The novel reflects the hues, tones, and shades of a Long Island schoolgirl coming of age just in time. 

Curtis explains, “People should not be scared to read ‘Waiting for Regina’ because of its sensitive themes. In fact, it is my hope couples, friends and families will savor it together and analyze its vital points. I believe readers will discover the positive examples of Mispha, Regina, and Samantha and relate to their human needs for true companionship. There is much more to this novel than the attention it is highlighting on issues of race. Waiting for Regina is a reminder that we all need; genuine love and forgiveness, cultivating the values of honesty, integrity, and courage.”

Readers will learn about critical controversial issues, ranging from interracial friendships and relationships to social issues. “Waiting for Regina” speaks a lot on the psyche on teenagers and how they should be regarded and cherished; it explores different facets of true love; romance, family and friendships, and telling the truth, especially when it is necessary for the welfare of others. The thoughtful and intelligent book celebrating virtues of truth, friendship, and generosity may sound tragic, but it is scenting with hope.  ‘Waiting for Regina’ becomes a roller coaster ride of dramatic highs and lows, with dashes of humor and unexpecting story twists and turns.

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