STUDIO D MERCHANDISE Explains The Power of Promotional Products for Brand Recognition

Promotional products are helping to increase brand recognition and increase sales

A leading supplier of customized and personalized merchandise has launched a campaign to help people understand the importance of using branded products to increase their business profile. STUDIO D MERCHANDISE, which has dozens of outlets around the USA help business owners increase their profile by putting their logo and message on quality products.

With 28 million small businesses in America, which account for 54% of all U.S sales it is important for a business to stand out from the competition to increase their brand and sales. One popular method to increase brand recognition and trust is through promotional products where the business logo is proudly displayed. STUDIO D MERCHANDISE who has become a leader in their field have a wide range of promotional products including bags, first aid kits, gift blankets, and stress balls to name a few.

Hypnotherapy experts have said by having promotional products around a home or office; it can put an imprint in the subconscious mind of a potential customer. For example, by having a stress ball at home with a plumber’s name and telephone number on it, when a person needs a plumber they will straight away think of that plumber with it being imprinted in their mind. By being surrounded by different promotional products within a home, a person needing different services will instead of turning to the Internet or phone pages will turn to the promotional product where they have the contact details at hand.

A spokesman for STUDIO D MERCHANDISE said: “Promotional products have become an important way for a small business to increase their brand. It is a cost effective way of gaining new customers and sales.”

STUDIO D MERCHANDISE has a wide range of promotional products that can have a company logo put on them. These products can be given away as a gift or used at marketing events. The company provides a fast and reliable service and can deal with any amounts of orders.

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STUDIO D MERCHANDISE are a national supplier of customized and personalized merchandise. They started with the idea of making promotions easy. StudioDmerchandise can be your one stop solution for all promotional products. Whether it is a festive gifting for your employees or official merchandise for the public to grab, StudioDmerchandise is the best possible solution.

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