Crystal Clear Brings Clarity to Winter Driving with Heated Windshield Wipers

Face Harsh Canada Winters with a Safer View from Behind the Wheel.

Anyone who has spent a single winter in Canada knows how severe the snow and ice can be. In some industries, people must face harsh road conditions almost every day. Truckers, emergency services, and commuters have few options for avoiding the hazards that ice and snow can bring.

The heated windshield wipers from Crystal Clear ( make winter driving safer and faster than with normal windshield wipers. When there is no time to pick the ice off of wipers before getting on the road, the wipers give drivers immediate clear visibility so they don’t have to wait. When every second matters, heated wipers can save time that could mean the difference in life and death for someone at the other end of the road.

Truckers spend more time on the road than drivers in nearly any other career. They don’t always know what types of weather they will encounter when they travel long distances. When ice or snow hits, old, worn out windshield wipers aren’t going to do an adequate job of clearing their windshield and keeping them on schedule so they can deliver their haul. Installing heated wipers will allow them to be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at them.

Commuters who drive back and forth to work are not immune to the hazards of winter driving either. Driving on winter roads is just a part of normal life for anyone who lives and works in Toronto. When they are taking all the other necessary steps to winterize their vehicle and make it safe, adding heated windshield wipers just makes good sense. The best snow tires available won’t matter if the driver isn’t able to see where they are going.

Crystal Clear offers a choice of a single or double set of heated windshield wipers, single wiper blade with module, or the module sold alone. Their two-part products are designed to handle the rigors of winter in North America. Just attach the sensor outside to detect the outside temperature and turn on the heating mechanism as needed and the blades will automatically heat up to 65°C. Add the heated windshield wipers to any windshield and stop making winter driving any riskier than it has to be.

About Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear ( heated windshield wiper blades are specifically designed to improve immediately visibility during the harsh winters like those in North America. The system is automated, turning on whenever they are needed. The blades offer a necessary solution to commuters, bus drivers, truck drivers, and emergency personnel. Clear windshields make it safer for everyone in the vehicle and all the other drivers on the road.

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